Accelerated Reader: 10,030,966words! We have achieved our first goal!

Update from Monday, 6.10.2014

This afternoon we reached our goal of 10 million words! We have currently read 10, 030, 966 words and  1, 036 books!

Update from Thursday, 25.9.2014

We have read 7,239,387 words and 769 books!

We need less than 3 million words to reach our goal by October 10th.

Update from Tuesday, 23.9.2014

We have read 5,860,221 words  and 692 books!

Update from Friday, 19.9.2014

4,884,081 words read

583 books read

Update from Tuesday, 16.9.2014:

3, 891, 644 words read

455 books read

Pupils in Primary 4 to Primary 7 have begun using the Accelerated Reader programme to encourage the practice of reading daily. An informational leaflet will be sent home this week to help explain the programme and answer any questions you may have about it.

It is possible through the use of A.R. to keep track of the number of books we read as a school and even the number of words we read! We have found that children enjoy knowing how many books and words they are reading.

We have set pupils a challenge to read 10 million words in P4-7 before the October break. During the first three full weeks of this session, pupils have read an amazing total of 3,136,210 words! That is a total 408 books.

Will they manage 7 million more before the October break? Check back here to find out.