School Milk Term 1 – 20/21

If you have to pay for School Milk the Fund School Milk Term 1 20/21 in School Pay is now open to make payments and will close on 26/8/20.  This covers the period 12/8/20 – 23/12/20.   The cost for Term 1 is £22.00.


4 thoughts on “School Milk Term 1 – 20/21”

  1. How do I pay for milk, as it hasn’t appeared on my child’s school pay account? How much is the milk for the year? When does the milk need to paid by? What is the situation with regard to the outstanding balance for those who paid the full year’s milk last year. Some further information on this would be helpful on the post.

  2. Can I ask what happened to the remainder of last year’s milk money as I have never had it refunded

  3. Can I offset the term’s payment against the balance left from the last school year? I don’t believe this was refunded to me. Thanks

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