School Milk Term 2 21/22

30/11/21 – The School Milk Term 2 21/22 fund is now open if you require to pay for milk.  This covers the period 10/1/22 – 8/4/22 and the cost is £14.75.  The fund will remain open until Tuesday 14/12/21.   Please note you need to pay online through School Pay and we will not accept any cash or cheque payments.  If you have not registered for School Pay yet and require help then please contact the school office.  A further reminder will be sent out prior to the fund closing.

This fund will be visible to all whilst it is open so please remember to click on the fund “School Milk Term 2 21/22” when making a payment and not “Preorder school meals” which is the default fund for paying for school meals.

School Milk Term 2 21/22 fund only relates to children in P1 – P7 who require to pay for school milk.

If using a mobile phone and have difficulty seeing the milk fund:-

  • Click on the 3 lines on the top right hand corner of the page
  • Select Accounts
  • Click on your child’s account

The next screen should list all the available funds and you should see School Milk Term 2 21/22.