Early Years Settings for provision outside of term time – 4th July to 12th August 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you know Sanderson’s Wynd Nursery is open during the summer period from Monday 4 July – Friday 12 August 2022, when the schools are closed.  During this time, your child will be able to
attend on their usual days, either Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday plus the allocated Friday sessions.

  • If you have told us (or the NAMS team, when you accepted your place) that you intend to send your child to nursery during [holiday], we do expect your child to attend and staffing has been put in place for this. If your child does not attend, someone will be in touch regarding your child’s absence.
  • If your child is unable to attend, please email nurseryattendance@elcschool.org.uk,  stating which nursery your child attends, the reason for  the absence, and when they will return or phone the nursery mobile number  07718662056.
  • Please make sure you have told us of any changes to your contact details.
  • Please ensure you have booked your child’s lunches in SchoolPay before Monday 4 July 2022, for days your child is attending.
  • During the school holidays centre managers are the responsible person when a Head teacher is absent.

Lastly please do not phone the school number, leave messages, or email the admin and absences mailboxes  from Monday 4th July – Friday 12th August 2022 as the school office is not manned during the holidays.   The nurseries are also shut on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th August.