Parents Portal Link & Troubleshooting Guide

Link to Parents Portal:

“Now live: Parents Portal, a new way for parents to access information on their children, interact with their schools and easily access other school services.  Parents can now access the Portal by using the same myaccount login (which is used for SchoolPay) to update parent and child details, report absences, access SchoolPay, apply for free travel for 5 – 11 year olds and much more.  Over time, more services will be available.  For more information on how parents can log into the Parents Portal and “link” to their children, go to: .

When accessing the Portal for the first time, users are shown how to “link” to their children.  Sometimes this is not successful on the first try.  As a way to help any users who are having problems linking to their children, there is an attached guide detailing most of the common problems and how to resolve these.  As a quick reference, please check these steps as common reasons for not being able to link:

For parents details not matching, check the following:

  • Parents forename field and surname fields don’t match. For example, the use of nicknames, middle names, initials, titles. Please make sure the name on your myaccount is the same as what is in the school records.
  • Myaccount has been registered in the name of the child, not the parent. Please ensure the myaccount is registered in the parent’s name.
  • Address doesn’t match. Please ensure your myaccount address is the same as what is in the school records. If it is different, it needs to be updated.
  • Address data doesn’t match as it has been formatted differently. Please update your address in Myaccount by entering the postcode and select the address from the list. If you manually enter your address it may not match what is held in the school records.
  • Home address has been given a name but as it’s not registered the address doesn’t match. For example, you have entered Rose Cottage, High Street but the registered address is 12 High Street in the school data. Please check to make sure the myaccount data matches the school records.

For child details not matching, check the following:

  • Check you’ve used their correct forename and not a nickname. For example, Christopher/Chris or Alexandra/Alex.
  • The forename field SHOULD also include any middle names
  • Be careful entering the date of birth – if that’s wrong, it won’t link
  • Make sure you’re entering their address details correctly. Please enter the postcode and select the address from the list.

If you are still having problems linking with your child(ren), please raise a helpdesk ticket with our helpdesk team.  To do this go to the “Help” section at the foot of the following Parents Portal login page:

parentsportal Link Child Failure Parent Guide

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