is your wee one a budding entrepreneur ??

It’s that time of the year again when as a school we see if we have any budding future Entrepreneurs.

The primary 6 and primary 7 classes have been given some funds to set up a business and hopefully turn a profit. In previous years we have made enough to support the kids to have their leavers hoodies and pay towards end of year celebrations.

This year we have been lucky enough to have some to offer some very eclectic products and treats suitable for everyone across the school .  all children will be issued with a yellow form over this coming week ,  ((see below))that explains what is on off and what the cost is.


Once we have finalised orders on the 28th we will order accordingly to make items for each individual child. As I am sure you will all understand we are subject to the same issues with delays in postage/ supply’s as all businesses are.

We hope to commence delivery of items mid-October however depending on what has been ordered this may not occur until late October / early November. All orders / delivery’s will be staggered and not all children in the same class/ sibling groups may not receive their orders on the same day or week.

Placing your child’s order – please ensure you have completed the corresponding classes products each class group has a different section on the form in ascending order (starting with P6 at the bottom ) ensuring your child’s name in on each section.

Please ensure you keep a note of what your child has ordered and ensure all payments are made in an clearly marked envelope with your child’s name.  

if your child has any known allergies we ask you keep this in mind when ordering , if this is something that changes between ordering and delivering and we can no longer fulfil the order will be in touch and give your child a full refund.