ECHC Pilot taking place in Tranent

Children and young people in Scotland are facing a mental health crisis.

ECHC research found that over half (59%) of families in Scotland have a child who has experienced a mental health concern at some point in their life.

Overwhelmingly, families we’ve spoken to feel that they have nowhere to turn, no one to tell them they’re doing a good job, and no access to support or advice. We believe this is not right, and we need to change it.

That’s why this Mental Health Awareness Week, we are announcing our new pilot service – No Time To Wait which aims to tackle this growing crisis.

Starting this summer, it will be piloted in Tranent, East Lothian for two years, and offer a therapeutic drop-in space with creative interventions such as leisure, art, activities, family support and youth work. Every family will have a ‘Pal’; a trained team member who can support them along their child’s mental health journey.

It will be modelled on our existing Hospital Hub, which delivers similar interventions to children and families visiting the RHCYP. At its best, it may negate a family’s need for future access to medical support, alleviating the pressures on CAMHS.

“It takes a village to heal a child. Right now, there is no village. Just exhausted parents.”

Children and families are telling us that there’s no support available, so we’re stepping up to do something about it.

There’s no more time to wait. Together, we can help every child struggling with their mental health.

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