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Archaeology Scotland workshop for P3

As part of a topic on ‘The Vikings’ P3 and P2-3 had a visit on Wednesday 2.11.11 from Archaeology Scotland. The workshop run by Ruth Bordoli comprised a series of activities that illuminated different aspects of Viking life. It looked at how archaeologists use burial sites to find out about Viking culture. It also looked at how Vikings communicated with written language through the use of Runes. It’s emphasis was hands on participation for the children who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The children enjoyed the simulated dig, sorting out and classifying their finds and making a clay pendant with their initials written in Runes,decoding Rune messages and learning about objects and artefacts that were used by the Vikings. Below are some photos of a fantastic day! Thank you to all those involved  who  made this day so memorable!  


Archaeology Workshop


                                                                                                                 Visit from Archaeology Scotland. 

P3 recently enjoyed an Archaeology Workshop entitled  “Ancient Technology Workhop”  in connection with their Egyptian topic. The children had grinding, drilling and hieroglyphs as their activities. The children were introduced to ancient methods of grinding wheat using a Quern and were asked to discover which Quern was the easier to use and which made  the softest flour. They also made a wooden pendant and made and used a form of an early drill to make a hole in the pendant. They wrote their name in hieroglyphs with a wooden pen and ink. They really enjoyed the practical hands on workshop and began to understand how technology changes peoples lives throughout the ages.

P3’s Mini Marathon for Guyana

On 25th March P3’s completed their mini marathon for Guyana. The children are supporting Unicef’s Day for Change 2011 and their work in Guyana helping children and families affected by climate change. The pupils ran nearly half a mile around the flower beds watched by supportive parents. They were dressed in the colours of the Guyanan flag. The money raised from their sponsored run will go to buy cold boxes to store vaccines, buy mosquito nets to prevent malaria or  put systems in school to harvest rainwater. Thank you to all those parents that have supported the marathon. Well done to all the P3’s you were amazing! we are so proud of you!



P3’s Raise Funds for Forest schools

P3P and P3J organised a craft afternoon and made Xmas cards, Xmas wreaths, Calenders, Bookmarks and Wood Cookie Tree Decorations and sold these items to raise funds  for Forest Schools.They also baked Xmas biscuits to sell and organised “Guess the number of sweets in the jar”. Pupils sold items to parents after the Xmas concert and then to classes around the school. They raised a total of £!95.67p to be used for Forest School Education. They worked extremely hard and were thrilled with the results of their Enterprise. P3p are looking forward to attending Forest School in January. Thank you to all those who bought items and supported their Enterprise. Below are some photos of pupils making and selling items.