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Term 3 Scotland. P4

This term we will be learning about Scotland.  Here in P4 we are focusing on our local environment. We will be using maps to help us get out and about to look at different types of housing, businesses and services. We will also be learning about Scottish culture, music, stories and celebrations.

Forest School Raffle.

We are delighted to announce that Sue Weeks was the lucky winner of a laptop in our Forest School Raffle. Many thanks to all of you who supported this we raised over £225. Please dont forget to look at our forest School blog and find out what all the various classes have been up to.

P1R Enjoy a Fairytale Adventure in the woods.

P1RFurther explored their storyline story of Sleeping Beauty today during a trip to the woods. They played good Fairies and Bad Fairies which is a bit like tig. They they went on an unnatural nature trail to look for objects from the princess’s castle. This helped them to look more closely at their surroundings and work in pairs. They found a picture of a castle and a picture of Sleeping Beauty at the end. They enjoyed a hot drink and a biscuit to celebrate the finding of Sleeping Beauty.

P1H Enjoy a retelling of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in the woods.

P1H Enjoyed a trip into the woods to further explore thier story line tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. They made a shelter which became the Bears house, they took the 3 Bears on a walk and found lots of intersting things to look at. When we came back to the shelter Goldilocks had arrived and eaten all the porrige. good job we had plenty of hot chocolate and biscuits to go around.