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Change to school lunch offering from Tuesday 22/9/20 – Primary Schools

Dear Parent/Carer,

 As you will be aware, until now our Catering Service has been offering packed lunches at lunch time, served directly to the classroom.  From Tuesday 22nd September, in addition to the cold packed lunch, an optional warm cup of homemade soup will be offered too.  There is no need to pre-order this, pupils will be able to choose to have the soup on the day (Monday to Thursday).  There will be a different soup available each day e.g. lentil, vegetable or tomato.

 Starting after the October break, we will introduce more warm food options such as Pizza Power, Paninis etc.  These will be available to pre-order through SchoolPay.

 ELC are keen to offer warm food choices to our children while we wait for it to become safe to serve the full hot lunch service in our dining halls.

 Thank you