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Ross Rocks Reading Launch

Last Tuesday Primary 4P was delighted to represent Sanderson’s Wynd at the primary launch of Ross Rocks Reading. The event, which took place at Ross High, was filmed and streamed live into classrooms across East Lothian. There were presentations on a range of favourite books from Eion Colfer’s The Legend of Spud Murphy to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

SWPS at Ross Rocks Reading

Primary 4P gave  a presentation about The BFG, by Roald Dahl, which is being read by all of Primary 4 just now. They presented an acrostic poem, showed a book trailer and read a book review, written by Ben and Fergus.

Sanderson’s Wynd will be hosting a whole school Ross Rocks Reading launch very soon. We will be looking for parents, carers and other community members who would like to share their love of reading with us so check back here for details on how to get involved or email Mrs Pearce at if you would like to help out.

You can find out more about Ross Rocks Reading here on the blog or on Facebook at the Ross Rocks Reading community page or follow onTwitter @rossrocksread .


This Week in 7P…

Primary 7P made a great start back to school this week. We are finishing up the Science portion of our Flour Babies project, learning about biological inheritance. We are working up to completing an experiment to isolate DNA and writing a scientific report on it next week.

We have also been working hard to apply our fractions and percentages learning from last term, tackling some problems from the nrich website which you can find here (click on the links: 

Bryony’s problem

Fractional Triangles

Chocolate fractions

We are continuing to prepare for Meadowbank and look forward to cricket and swimming lessons this term!

This week volunteers also chose Commonwealth countries to research and on Thursday we presented our findings to our classmates to persuade them to choose a country as a topic of study for later this term. We voted on Thursday and the winning country was…..

Jamaica!     (India was a very close second!)

Well done to all pupils who took part in the research and presentations!

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse Repairs

Unfortunately our plastic bottle greenhouse in the school courtyard suffered wind damage over the Christmas holidays. Mr. Clelland has very kindly offered to repair it and the work is already underway. We are in need of more 2 litre plastic bottles to complete the work. Donations of clean, rinsed out 2 litre bottles with labels already removed would be greatly appreciated!


This Week in Primary 7P

We have had a busy week in P7! We took part in our Christmas concert, visited a local  nursing home to sing carols and meet the lovely residents, conducted several fun science experiments and made 3D Shape Christmas ornaments, among many other things! Have a look here to see photos and read more about our learning this week.


Our Library is Open Again!

Our library has been closed for lending for some time now until all the books could be catalogued. Now that more than 4000 books have been catalogued, our library is open for use again! Pupils in P2-7 can now check out a book to take home for a week. This week  Primary 5W and Primary 3P were the first to check out books. Ross and Kalib from P7P were on hand to scan the books out. Ross took some photos to document the occasion! Please have a look below:

Comments from P7 on Day 2 @ Camp

We all enjoyed the Mohawk walk because we had to work as a team. It helped us to trust people as well. ~The Amber Group

It was raining today but we still had fun in the mud. The tree climb was 15 metres high and it was lots of fun. We pushed ourselves to get to the top. ~ The Red Group

I thought we learned how to trust everybody it was good. ~ The Blue Group

I liked the Mohawk Walk ~ Alex

I miss you all, I enjoyed the tree climbing I got to the top! ~ Chloe

I enjoyed all the activities today. ~ Jake

Day Two @ P7 Camp

We have had a busy day today, with each colour group involved in different activities. Red Group worked on team-building skills with Nightline (obstacle course navigated as a team while blindfolded), Orienteering around camp and a 14 metre tree climb. Blue Group climbed the tree this morning and then had Nightline and a Mohawk Walk on ropes. Amber Group did the Mohawk Walk this morning and an Exploration hike for the rest of the day.

“Tree climbing was the best!” -Jordan

“Tree climbing was fun. I had to climb up 15 metres to ring a bell and I did it twice!” -Alex

Have a look at some of today’s fun and outdoor learning:


P7 Camp @ Dounans

Today is our first day at camp. We arrived this morning and got settled into our dorms and acquainted with our tutors. We had a terrific lunch and then enjoyed our first activities which included a Mohawk Walk, Rope course and Tree Climb. Have a look at the fun we’re having.

Our Second Eco Schools Green Flag

Friday was a very special day for us at Sanderson’s Wynd. We have earned our second Green Flag through lots of hard work that has involved the whole school. This morning we held a ceremony to raise our new flag. Well done to everyone in the school and community who has helped us achieve this goal and a very special thanks to Mrs Christian who has led the way!