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The talent at Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School has been outstanding. Who would have guessed that primary 1-7 had such amazing voices and such groovy moves? Some hidden talents are also going to be present this evening in the form of the SWPS staff act! Don’t forget we have our very own Mr Nasty in our panel of judges. Good luck to all the acts taking part this evening and thank you to everyone who has been involved in helping create such a fantastic show.
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Olympic Award Ceremony

At the end of our Olympic afternoon, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to three children in every class and ‘country’.  As each winner was announced, Lesley Nicholson, our honorary guest, gave pupils their medals before they took their pride of place on the ‘podium’.

It was also a chance to say goodbye to people who are moving on from Sanderson’s Wynd and Tranent; Lesley is leaving her post as Active Schools Coordinator to take up the role of Club Golf East Coast Regional manager in July with Scottish Golf, Heather Williams DHT will leave to take up her new post as Head Teacher of Elphinstone  Primary in August and Catherine Parcell, P3 teacher and Moira Copeland, classroom assistant will both be retiring at the end of term. The parents and pupils took the opportunity to present them with flowers and gifts, and to wish them well in their future.

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Olympic Sports Day: Opening Ceremony

Father and son (Mr Walker and Brody P5T) played bagpipes and drums, to kick start our Olympic Sports with a rousing  march. In our opening ceremony, they led P1-7 and Hub pupils around our playing fields. Each class represented a country taking part in the 2012 Olympics and the pupils came dressed in sports clothes in the colour of their flag.

It was a very lively and colourful start to an enjoyable and relaxed family day. The pupils experienced a wide range of competitive sports, including the paralympic sport, Boccia.

We stopped for a picnic lunch with our families, before finishing off the day with our closing ceremony  to award medals to the three best athletes in each class.

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Maths Week 14th -18th May

Number Crunching ‘Zero Hero’ flew into Sanderson’s Wynd for the launch of our Maths Week. We heard some amazing number facts and were challenged to find some more. The best will win a wee prize!

Zero Hero gave each class a shape and an envelope with their secret number. It will be interesting to find out what the nursery and P1-P7 classes do and learn about with these numbers and shapes.

Parents are invited to our Maths Week open day on Friday morning. Come along and learn something new in maths!

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Litter Pick up




On Friday 27th April, P2/3 and P5T joined in with the whole school litter pick, and they managed to pick up two full bin bags full of rubbish from the school gardens and playground.

Visit our blogs to see more pictures.

Sanderson’s Wynd Paralympic Week

Sanderson’s Wynd’s Paralympic week started off with a very lively and fun torch parade. The Hub children passed around their Paralympic torch from one pupil to another. We used a torch made by P4M for the main school torch parade in December (12/12/12). All Hub children from the Green, Red and Blue classes took part in this important event. The main school pupils looked on and cheered the Hub children as they carried the torch to the next waiting person.

We were delighted to also have the  2012  Paralympic torch for this occasion! A big thanks goes to parent, Brian Fraser, who  managed to organise and coordinate the torch arrival to coincide with our Paralympic torch parade. The timing couldn’t have been better! After the parade, all the classes got a chance to hold and look at this magnificent, silver, Paralympic torch and we all felt very lucky to have this special privilege. Please look at the slideshare below of our happy torch parade which was the start of an active and busy week for Hub  pupils.

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Launch of ‘Olympic Countries’ Theme

 Monday was the launch of a whole school Nursery, Hub and  P1-7 theme. Each class will learn about a country that is taking part in the London 2012 Olympics. As Miss Waddell handed out the flags, we listened to each country’s national anthem and the flag-bearers led their class in a procession out of the hall. The Nursery and the Hub and all other school staff will take part in this colourful ‘world’ event. Read the class blogs to find out what is happening in each country.


Sanderson’s Wynd gets Active with Jammin’ Fitness!

As part of our whole school ‘Healthy Families ,Happy Children’ theme, we invited Andy McKechnie from ‘Jammin’ Fitness to kick-start us into action on Thursday morning. What a great way to start the day!   Andy’s lively and inspirational assembly was full of active fun and humour, and left us feeling geared up and ready to go!  The whole school from Nursery to P7 enjoyed his follow up  ‘Jammin Fitness’ workshops.

   It was obvious from all the flushed faces and happy smiles that Andy had succeeded in motivating us to get more active!