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Forest Schools with P3L

We have had 2 sessions at Woodhall Woods for forest schools. We have done a nature walk, played some games and had a good look at the forest floor. We have been comparing the forest we visit with the rainforest and we have realised they have the same layers.

Parent member for Global Citizenship Group

The Global Citizenship group are seeking a parent member for their group who can attend meetings and help with ideas. This group work on the Fairtrade work, Rights Respecting School and other global issues as well as linking in with Eco. Meetings tend to be on a Wednesday at 1.30pm roughly once a month but this depends on when Mrs Lawrie can get some time out of class. If you are interested please get in contact with Mrs Lawrie in P3W.

P3W Dog waste campaign

P3w recently wrote letters to local newspapers and councillors complaining about the dog mess in Tranent. They have a few ideas about how to promotoe this. One of them is to encourage people to use a free app on their phones called SPEAK UP! You can take a photo of dog mess in your road and send it with details of where it is. The children hope that this will raise awareness of where there is the most mess in Tranent. Please support them and downlaod and use the app!!


Mary’s Meals’ film Child 31

The East Lothian premier and discussion of Mary’s Meals’ film Child 31 which will take place at the Fraser Centre on Friday 19th April 2013 at 7pm. This is a joint initiative with the Fraser Centre and St. Martin’s RC Parish Council.

From award-winning, New York City based production company Grassroots Films comes CHILD 31, the uplifting and compelling movie about the work of Mary’s Meals, the international charity which feeds more than 700,000 hungry children every day. Launched on November 4, 2012, the 31-minute documentary is being shown at more than 200 locations across 6 continents by supporters around the world.

Child 31 is also being screened at several prestigious film festivals such as the Warsaw International Film Festival and the California Independent Film Festival, already winning Best Documentary and Best Soundtrack at the Pan Pacific Film Festival in Anaheim, California.


The movie, which received its UK première at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Sunday November 4, is also entered for the Best Short Documentary category at the Academy Awards. The intended purpose of Child 31 is to bring the story and message of Mary’s Meals to new eyes, new ears and new hearts.

Fairtrade Campaign

Some members of the global group went out and about campaigning in Tranent on Wednesday about Fairtrade.

They had compiled a short questionnaire to ask members of the public and they also visited local shops to try to encourage shop owners to sell some Fairtrade products.

They had some great chats with local people who were very interested in their message and wanted to support them.

Atlas work

As part of our John Muir Award we used an atlas to find out all the places he visited in his many travels. He visited every continent except Antartica. In our groups we identified the places and we plotted them on a world map on the wall. We were impressed by how far he had travelled. We thought this was particularly amazing because he lived between 1838 and 1914 and it was hard to travel places back then compared to now!

Life Cycles

As part of our John Muir Award we have been finding out about life cyles. We have caterpilars in the classroom that started no bigger than a few millimetres lomg and grew quickly to a few centimetres long. They have now all turned in to chrysalis and we can’t wait to see the butterflies when they emerge!!