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P2M have made a great start to the new school year. Six children from P1/2 have joined the children from P1I to make a new class.We have been busy deciding on our rights and responsibilities for our class charter and thinking about what we already know and what we want to find out about our topic ‘Senses’ which starts next week.

The class much enjoyed their first P.E. session with Ms. Imrie, the P.E. specialist, who will be taking them for P.E on Thursdays.

Congratulations to Jake Nisbet, who is our first star of the week.  :0)

P1/2 and P4M Buddy Party

Today we all dressed up for our buddy party. Some of us were in our jammies, some of us were in our party outfits and some of us had costumes on. We swapped cards we had made for our buddies then  played with the wet playtime games, before having juice, crisps and sweeties or chocolate.

We have had great fun with our buddies on Fridays. We will miss each other but look forward to meeting our new buddies next year.

P1/2 and P4M Buddy Party



P1/2 Dogs Trust Talk

Rachel from the Dogs Trust came to talk to us today. We learnt:

  • how to be safe around dogs – when it is okay to stroke them
  • what they need and how to look after them properly
  • lots of interesting facts about their senses like their sense of hearing is 4 times better than ours and that they can see at night

Rachel left a certificate for every child there (sorry, Sam, you were off). Every group got 3 points for listening so well. Well done P1/2!

Dogs Trust Talk

P1/2 – Queen’s Baton Relay

We went out with all the rest of school yesterday to see the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton as it arrived in Tranent. We had to wait an hour as it was running very late. Everybody was very patient and well behaved. Well done P1/2! We were disappointed not to see the mascot Clyde and we could barely see the baton as it was surrounded by adults, but it was still quite an event.


The baton but no Clyde!

P1/2 and P2’s Mini-Concert

Yesterday Ms. Peebles, our music specialist, played her violin for P1/2 and P2T. The children listened attentively. James was so impressed he asked when he could learn to play an instrument! P2 children will have Ms. Peebles for music next year. P1 will have to wait another year.  :0/



Butterfly and Insect World

P1/2 had a great time on Thursday on our trip to the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World at Dobbies. As we were early, the children played in the play park for ten minutes, then Lyndsey, who works in the Butterfly and Insect World, told us about the life cycle of butterflies and moths where we learnt, among other things, that moths have cocoons and butterflies have chrysalises. She then took us around the butterfly part, before we looked at the reptiles, and later, went into the nocturnal room. The children thought that the best bit, though, was handling a millipede, a snake and a tarantula! (Being an arachnophobic, I had to hide round the corner when Rosie the tarantula was brought out. :0/   )  Thankfully, the weather stayed dry so that we could have our lunch outside, then the children had a good, long play in the play park.

The children did themselves proud with their excellent behaviour, which Lyndsey commented on. Many thanks to Mrs. Edgar and Katie’s mum who came with us.


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