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Information about Distance Learning for Parents and Carers

Planning & Delivery
During this period of school closure distance learning will be communicated through google classroom and on our school website in the ‘Pupil Zone’:

• There will be a mixture of online and off line tasks to allow an appropriate balance of screen time for pupils.
• Teaching will be a mixture of video, google slides and web links.
• Google Meet is an option available for P2-P7 for checking in with pupils, however technology dictates that this may not always work, or be appropriate. Teachers will use this at their discretion. There is no expectation that all teachers will use Google Meet. East Lothian Council does not allow other platforms to be used for this purpose for security reasons.

• A Task mat of activities covering Literacy, Maths/Numeracy, HWB, Expressive Arts, Social Subjects/Science. Task Mats will be available on the school website every Monday.
• Feedback on tasks submitted that week, this can be through classroom stream comments to the whole class or individual feedback to pupils on work submitted.

• An overview of how the day might look (a loose timetable) .Pupils don’t have to stick to this but it will support those who need the structure.
• Planned delivery of a numeracy/maths and literacy lesson through video of teaching OR through google slides.
• Numeracy and Maths and literacy taught in groups as usually happens in the classroom.
• Responding to questions from pupils when teachers are able to. This will not always be instant!

This is something that none of us have come up against before and we appreciate the time and effort everyone is putting in to engaging with this process to provide continuation of learning for all our pupils. We are still here to support in any way we can so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

A Message from the Sick Kids’ Hospital, Edinburgh

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children have made a short film (just 2 minutes long) to explain to children why different workers need to wear PPE to stay safe, and to show that under the masks and aprons it is still the same friendly people at the hospital. We are keen for this film to be seen by as many children as possible so they know what to expect and are not as scared if they need to come to hospital.
Watch the film here:

A message from the staff team for parents and carers (3.4.2020)

With the Easter Holidays upon us we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a restful break. As always, we are working behind the scenes to try and offer the most consistent and appropriate learning opportunities for your child in these unprecedented times.

During the holidays there is no expectation that children will complete any assigned work, however activities will still be there for those that are keen! Teachers will not be manning the Google Classrooms during the break and will resume lessons on Tuesday 21st April.

When we return on 21st April many of our teachers will be volunteering at one of the 6 Key Worker Hubs across the Authority. If a teacher is working at a Hub for the week, they will be unable to respond to online work assignments at the same time. Work will continue to be provided for all classes and pupils can continue to post and hand in assignments. Teachers will let their own class know which week they are away from Google Classrooms when working at Hubs.

We have been discussing a consistent approach to operating online learning and we will send details of this to you after the Easter break.

Please stay safe and let us know if we can help in any way,
The Sanderson’s Wynd Staff Team