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The first Queen Margaret Children’s University Graduation – Friday 9th January 2015

We are so proud of our pupils for being part of the very first Queen Margaret Children’s University Graduation! A group of 22 of our pupils joined children from three other Primary Schools in East Lothian on Friday 9th January when they graduated from the Children’s University. The event, held at Queen Margaret University, recognises learning that takes place out with school. The ceremony began with a welcome from the Principal of QMU and Fiona McLeod, Acting Minister for Children and Young People. The certificates were then awarded for 30, 65 and 100 hours of learning:

Bronze – 30 hours

  • Grace Anderson
  • Evan Balfour
  • Ella Brook
  • Kara Craig
  • Clare Douglas
  • Bobby Duncan
  • Aidan Hutchison
  • Eilidh Hutchison
  • Rowan Kittle
  • Logan McLean
  • Hamish McNeill
  • Jon McVay
  • Adam Nichol
  • Jade Motherwell
  • Chloe Shields

Silver – 65 hours

  • Esme Balfour
  • Hunter Crooks
  • Layla Duke
  • Ellie Kittle
  • Sonny Middler-Burrows
  • Layton Ross

Gold – 100 hours

  • Libby Duke
On our way to the lecture theatre for the ceremony dressed in our gowns and mortar boards!
Patiently waiting for the ceremony to start.

Each pupil and their parents/carers and invited guests enjoyed a finger buffet and entertainment following the ceremony; it was a very special day. We look forward to seeing more pupils complete their bronze, silver and gold awards in the coming months and years. Keep up the good work!

P6/7 Dig in the Woods…

P6/7 worked extremely hard in the name of conservation today – digging ditches. Supported by Richard English, Mrs Misselbrook and Mrs Hodge the class didn’t hesitate when faced with the challenge. Spades and shovels at the ready they made huge their own personal stamp on conservation in East Lothian. 
Conservation on PhotoPeach


Lost Landscapes Art Project

Since March the Senior Class, along with some buddies from P6 and P7, has been working alongside artist in residence, Juliana Capes.  During six sessions with Juliana we worked hard to produce the wonderful installation which is now on display in the front window at The Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington.

We worked with lots of different materials, clay, feathers, leaves, willow, soil, sand and sugar!  We made our own paper and decorated cellophane.

You can see the process we worked through here.

The exhitbition runs until Saturday, 4th June.  We’re very proud of our work so please take a look if you’re in Haddington and tell us what you think!

P4K and Cadie Capers: Tales of Auld Reekie and New Toon

On Monday P4K set off on an adventure into Edinburgh. We arrived early in the day at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile. There we met storytellers Ron Fairweather and Fergus McNicol. Ron and Fergus then took the class on a fun-filled storytelling trip to the Old and New Towns of late 1700s Edinburgh. We met the Highland Cadies Roddy and Rory MacStory and other Old and New Town inhabitants including a rapping Deacon Brodie!

We set off from the Storytelling Centre and were intiated as C.I.Ts (Cadies in Training). Roddy and Rory then took us all on an adventure around the Old Town and the New, telling us funny tales of Old Edinburgh. Our day out included being part of a cockerel fight and taking part in Deacon Brodie’s trial…… The tour was completed down at the bottom of the Mound, where Roddy and Rory showed us around the 3D map beside the National Gallery.

It was a fun filled day and after lunch, having completed our tasks, we were awarded new titles – C.A.Ts (Cadies at Task). After that half of the class visited the Museum of Childhood, to see toys from long ago… others needed to run around a little and enjoyed a game of Hide and Seek in a small park off the Royal Mile.

A great day was had by one and all.

Sanderson’s Wynd Storyline Finale

Pupils and staff have been busily working away over the last few weeks to take on the challenge set by the Keeper of the Stories and the Keeper of the Keys. Castles disappeared and have been rebuilt. Fairy tales were taken and have now been rewritten.

Please come along to see all our hard work.

Date: Thursday 10th February
Place: Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School
Time: 1.45pm to 2.45pm

We look forward to seeing you. Please click on the draft below to see the unedited version of our invitation.
Finale Invite

P4K visit Craigmillar Castle

Primary 4K enjoyed a fabulous visit to Craigmillar Castle yesterday. We were greeted by Primary 7 pupils from Castleview Primary School dressed in medieval costumes. The pupils had taken on the roles of the Preston family who lived in the castle from 1374 until 1660 when it was sold to a wealthy Edinburgh family, the Gilmours. The class learned about the structure, positioning of the castle and the uses of the different rooms in the castle as part of their developing storyline on Fantasy Castles.

Fairy Tales and Castles gone missing….

Today, pupils in school began the term in a challenging and unusual way. They were greeted with the news that all the fairy tales written and castles built had disappeared… With a variety of clues, such as giant jigsaw pieces, dragon footprints to follow, keys to place and the occasional owl, they set about beginning to solve the mysteries.
Primaries 1 to 3 have been set the task of recreating their favourite fairy tales, and primaries 4 to 7 have been issued with the challenge of building their own fantasy castles.
With so many unanswered questions and curious clues to unravel, all pupils in the school, from the Hub to Primary 7 will be spending the next few weeks working together to solve these great mysteries…