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P6/7 Dig in the Woods…

P6/7 worked extremely hard in the name of conservation today – digging ditches. Supported by Richard English, Mrs Misselbrook and Mrs Hodge the class didn’t hesitate when faced with the challenge. Spades and shovels at the ready they made huge their own personal stamp on conservation in East Lothian. 
Conservation on PhotoPeach


What P3J learned at Forest School

We learned the names of 2 types of tree, the silver birch and the pine tree. Mrs Misselbrook told us the names when we were learning the boundaries of the Forest School for today.

There were lots of pine cones on the ground so after playing hide and seek and fox and rabbit we collected lots of them in pairs and made these beautiful pictures and patterns.

We gave ourself Forest School names and actions. P3 J: Please post a comment to tell us your Forest School name and something you enjoyed about this morning.

What P3J needed for Forest School

P3 J had our first trip to the forest school today. We learned lots. We need to come to school wearing special clothes to go to the forest school. We need:
A waterproof jacket
A jumper
Two pairs of socks
Waterproof trousers
Wellies or hiking boots
A scarf


A hat

We should have a snack in our pocket because forest school is hungry work.

A healthy snack
We also need to have clean dry clothes to change into when we get back to school. We need:
A big bag

We can use this to bring our school uniform. When we have changed we can put our forest school clothes and boots inside it to take home.