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George Kerevan Visits Sanderson’s Wynd



East Lothian  MP George Kerevan visited our school today in order to help us take part in Send My Friend’s Day of Action. He came to speak with pupils who are concerned about 58 million children missing out on an education. Pupils in Primary 3-7 made mini politicians to express their thoughts about the situation. Mr, Kerevan came to collect more than 200 paper politicians with messages from pupils. He is going to share our messages at Westminster. Pupils in Primary 4 also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister to accompany the mini politicians. When Mr. Kerevan brings our paper politicians back to Sanderson’s Wynd after the summer, we are going to post them to leaders all over the world.

Send My Friend


Primary 4 Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth

On Monday pupils from P4p visited the Townhouse in Haddington to help raise the Commonwealth flag. They listened to the Queen’s message delivered by Michael Williams MBE, Lord-Lieutenant of East Lothian. Afterwards we displayed the Commonwealth flag board game we had made in class and enjoyed some delicious scones! It was a fun morning out representing our school.

These are some of the flags we  learned about. Can you identify them? If so, leave a comment below.


Walk to School Week 6th – 10th October


Next week is Walk to School Week (6th – 10th October).  Pupils will each receive a booklet encouraging them to track how many times they walk to school.  We realise that not everybody is able to do this, however there is evidence to support the findings that walking to school even once per week can make a huge difference.  We would like to thank you for your support with Walk to School Week this year and in all the previous years!

For more information click here.

Go Further for Fairtrade!

Fairtrade Fortnight 25th Feb- 8th March

 In 2012 we were all asked to ‘Take a Step for Fairtrade’. The focus this year is ‘Go Further for 2013!’ During the two weeks, pupils will be learning about Fairtrade countries and products, and through various activities they will understand that Fairtrade guarantees a better and fairer deal for Third World producers.


Each class has been issued with a Fairtrade football and will play with partner stages, buddies or other schools. Children will be encouraged to think of ways to spread the Fairtrade message. Perhaps you can help too! Please support us by swapping an item in your weekly shop for a Fairtrade product.