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PTS Football kicks off in Tranent!

Sandersons Wynd1

For the first time ever school football within the Tranent Cluster will now take place after-school on various occasions throughout the year, with the first of these events taking place at Forresters Park 3G on Wednesday 26th November.

With 4 schools involved in 6 matches, there were some incredible games on display. Every game played was run from one end of the pitch to the other and there were also some brilliant goals to be seen. Young Cameron Higgins from Windygoul Primary got the pick of the bunch in a convincing win over St Martins. His powerful “wind-assisted” strike from inside his own half caught out the St Martins goalkeeper and nestled neatly in the bottom corner of the goal prompting massive celebrations from the players…and their parents!

Full match results are listed below;

St Martins RC                     0 v 4       Windygoul (1)

Sandersons Wynd           1 v 3       Ormiston

Windygoul (2)                    6 v 1       St Martins

Sandersons Wynd           0 v 3       Windygoul (1)

St Martins RC                     1 v 2       Ormiston

Windygoul (2)                    4 v 1       Sandersons Wynd

All of these teams are training on a weekly basis and with another event due to be scheduled for after the Christmas Break, the teams have assured their coaches they will be working hard in training to improve for the next bout!

If you would like to get involved in any of Active Schools PTS Competitions please get in touch with your Active Schools Coordinators.

P5P thoughts on today’s Netball Tournament

The netball tournament today was very interesting  and was very well played and fair. In todays netball match adults were playing against children . it was challenging because the kids were passing to the adults and the adults were passing to the kids what was even harder was some KIDS were against ADULTS! :)we sat with the hub and the hub enjoyed it cause they were all smiling. The teachers were  competitive and over the top. When we are older it can inspire us to do teamwork sports.

By P5P

Our New Extension and the Construction Project

Paul the BuilderDuring Assembly today Paul and the hard working team from Clarke Construction and East Lothian Council visited to share the progress of our extension which will provide two fantastic new classrooms. Paul used a great presentation to help us learn about construction sites and the variety of tools and jobs found there.
This also encouraged us to think about our Health and Wellbeing, as although we know building sites are very interesting; Paul taught us how dangerous they can be. We all learned that we should never
enter a building site to look or play.
It is great that we can safely watch the progress of our new extension from our community and playground and look forward to it all being ready in August!
A big thank you to Paul and the team!
Mrs Fairbairn 🙂

Homework and Football Club

Pupils from Primary 4 to 7 have been enjoying a Homework and Football club which is run jointly by two of our school staff and Hibernian Football Club Community Foundation. Last Thursday the club had a surprise visit from two of the Hibs players – Lewis Stevenson and Scott Robertson. Here are some photos from the session.Hibs School Comm (1 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (2 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (3 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (4 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (5 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (7 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (8 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (9 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (12 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (25 of 29)

Hibs School Comm (26 of 29)

Hibs School Comm. (4 of 5)

Hibs School Comm. (5 of 5)

Walk to School Week 6th – 10th October


Next week is Walk to School Week (6th – 10th October).  Pupils will each receive a booklet encouraging them to track how many times they walk to school.  We realise that not everybody is able to do this, however there is evidence to support the findings that walking to school even once per week can make a huge difference.  We would like to thank you for your support with Walk to School Week this year and in all the previous years!

For more information click here.


Every class including the Nursery, the Hub and members of staff took part in our potato competition.  We ended up with a bumper crop from each competitor.  We were very fortunate to have Garden Solutions donate several bags of their special compost to enhance our growing potential and the seed potatoes were donated by Ian Hastie.

The competition was fierce and the plants were looked after with tender loving care.

The Big Potato Weigh In was Monday 20th June and the winning group with an amazing crop of potatoes weighing 2kg 30g was the Blue Group in the Nursery.  Well Done and thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

The Nursery are going to make chips with their crop and the rest will be used in the kitchen for lunches.

Here is a picture of the potatoes going to the kitchen.

What a magnificent crop!
What a magnificent crop!