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The Hub Summer Event

On Monday 29th June the Hub held their Summer Event for parents and carers.  The theme was water and the children had worked hard practising their songs and preparing their costumes.  We were lucky with the weather and our P7 buddies came along to sing with us too. We had great fun singing together and afterwards parents and carers stayed for refreshments.


Sanderson’s Wynd Paralympic Week

Sanderson’s Wynd’s Paralympic week started off with a very lively and fun torch parade. The Hub children passed around their Paralympic torch from one pupil to another. We used a torch made by P4M for the main school torch parade in December (12/12/12). All Hub children from the Green, Red and Blue classes took part in this important event. The main school pupils looked on and cheered the Hub children as they carried the torch to the next waiting person.

We were delighted to also have the  2012  Paralympic torch for this occasion! A big thanks goes to parent, Brian Fraser, who  managed to organise and coordinate the torch arrival to coincide with our Paralympic torch parade. The timing couldn’t have been better! After the parade, all the classes got a chance to hold and look at this magnificent, silver, Paralympic torch and we all felt very lucky to have this special privilege. Please look at the slideshare below of our happy torch parade which was the start of an active and busy week for Hub  pupils.

[slideshare id=12151721&doc=hubparalympictorchparade-120325163043-phpapp01]

Changes to The Hub Webshop

A message to explain the recent changes to our webshop from

We’re really excited to announce the launch of the Spend and Raise eStores. Now you can raise even more funds for your charity, school, sports club or other not-for-profit organisation. Previously named Webshops, this service has been running for nearly 10 years, so you can feel confident that we know what we’re doing – we’ve helped over 12,000 not for profit organisations to date. The new key benefits of Spend and Raise are:

1) 6x more retailers than the previous site, giving you and your Supporters access to nearly 1,000 retailers.

2) Search for a product by price, retailer, product brand, popularity and category, so that you find exactly what you’re looking for without having to visit lots of retailers sites.

3) Supporters can create their own profile so that they can check their transactions through the site, and see their purchases on the list of ‘Latest Fundraisers.’ They can also sign up and log in with their Facebook account.

4) There’s a ‘Today’s offers’ area where you can find all the latest deals to save money.

The link to follow for the new store is,

Lost Landscapes Art Project

Since March the Senior Class, along with some buddies from P6 and P7, has been working alongside artist in residence, Juliana Capes.  During six sessions with Juliana we worked hard to produce the wonderful installation which is now on display in the front window at The Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington.

We worked with lots of different materials, clay, feathers, leaves, willow, soil, sand and sugar!  We made our own paper and decorated cellophane.

You can see the process we worked through here.

The exhitbition runs until Saturday, 4th June.  We’re very proud of our work so please take a look if you’re in Haddington and tell us what you think!

Health Week Events

The last week in March was full of action, with every class being involved in a wide range of activities:


Mini Bootcamp


Body Combat

Line Dancing

Hip Hop Street Dance


Plate of Balance

Dental Workshop

Epilespsy Awareness


Green Shoots Football


Climbing Wall

Forest School

Nursery Pedal Push

Signalong Lunchtime Club

Cycling Proficiency


Sanderson’s Wynd Storyline Finale

Pupils and staff have been busily working away over the last few weeks to take on the challenge set by the Keeper of the Stories and the Keeper of the Keys. Castles disappeared and have been rebuilt. Fairy tales were taken and have now been rewritten.

Please come along to see all our hard work.

Date: Thursday 10th February
Place: Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School
Time: 1.45pm to 2.45pm

We look forward to seeing you. Please click on the draft below to see the unedited version of our invitation.
Finale Invite


 On Tuesday, the whole school enjoyed the wonderful pantomime, Aladdin. There was lots of singing, jokes and funny happenings! The children and teachers all joined in with all the fun and laughter.  The pantomime was kindly subsidised by the Parent Council, who also treated everybody to an ice-cream! Thank you from all at Sanderson’s Wynd!    

Music fun at the Hub

Koby and the Skoog

The Skoog is an exciting new musical instrument with accessibility at its heart.  An instrument designed explicitly for special education to empower those unable to play traditional instruments.  The Skoog is a soft, squeezable object that simply plugs straight into your computer or laptop’s USB port.  Simply touching, pressing, squashing, twisting or tapping the Skoog allows you to play a wide range of instruments, intuitively.  Learn more about it here

You can see Koby Major, age 5, having a brilliant time playing with the Skoog.  Inventor and entrepreneur, Benjaman Schogler, came along to demonstrate how it could be used.  He worked with all three classes and everyone had a go.  Even the very lightest touch can generate a sound.  Some pupils hit the Skoog, some squeezed, some rolled it, Jonathon leaned on it with his shoulder and played the flute.  Using a WOWee one gel speaker, sound vibrations gave another dimension to the musical experience.

Joy, a student in musicology from Greece and on work placement with Benjaman, is going to work with groups of pupils over the next few weeks.  Mark my words, there’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of music happening down at the Hub!