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Day Two @ P7 Camp

We have had a busy day today, with each colour group involved in different activities. Red Group worked on team-building skills with Nightline (obstacle course navigated as a team while blindfolded), Orienteering around camp and a 14 metre tree climb. Blue Group climbed the tree this morning and then had Nightline and a Mohawk Walk on ropes. Amber Group did the Mohawk Walk this morning and an Exploration hike for the rest of the day.

“Tree climbing was the best!” -Jordan

“Tree climbing was fun. I had to climb up 15 metres to ring a bell and I did it twice!” -Alex

Have a look at some of today’s fun and outdoor learning:


P7 Camp @ Dounans

Today is our first day at camp. We arrived this morning and got settled into our dorms and acquainted with our tutors. We had a terrific lunch and then enjoyed our first activities which included a Mohawk Walk, Rope course and Tree Climb. Have a look at the fun we’re having.