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This Week in 7P…

Primary 7P made a great start back to school this week. We are finishing up the Science portion of our Flour Babies project, learning about biological inheritance. We are working up to completing an experiment to isolate DNA and writing a scientific report on it next week.

We have also been working hard to apply our fractions and percentages learning from last term, tackling some problems from the nrich website which you can find here (click on the links: 

Bryony’s problem

Fractional Triangles

Chocolate fractions

We are continuing to prepare for Meadowbank and look forward to cricket and swimming lessons this term!

This week volunteers also chose Commonwealth countries to research and on Thursday we presented our findings to our classmates to persuade them to choose a country as a topic of study for later this term. We voted on Thursday and the winning country was…..

Jamaica!     (India was a very close second!)

Well done to all pupils who took part in the research and presentations!