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School Return Update – Lesley Brown

Dear parents & carers,

You may be aware that the Depute First Minister has,  this afternoon, made a statement in the Scottish Parliament about all children and young people returning to school in August. He has indicated that the Scottish Government’s planning assumption is now to have all pupils returning to schools in August if it safe to do so. He has also indicated that this will be conditional and based on the scientific and health advice. He has confirmed that the plans we were putting in place for blended learning will be a contingency and will be essential preparation in case they are needed.

We are now urgently considering the implications of this announcement on our plans for August. It is clear that final decisions on this full return will not be confirmed until during the summer holidays. We are awaiting further specific guidance and will be in touch with you again as soon as we can.   We continue to work on the assumption that staff will return to school on the 10th August and pupils will return on the 12th August.

We appreciate that this is a fast changing situation and you will be keen to know what this means for your child / children.  We are committed to sharing information with you as soon as we can, including during the summer holidays.

Kind regards,


 Lesley R. Brown  | Chief Operating Officer (Education) – Education & Children’s Services|


A message for P7 Pupils from Mr Reynolds, HT at RHS.

Hi folks

I have written to your parents/carers a few times now about the plans in place to keep you all up to speed on all things Ross High. Hopefully by now you will have had the chance to see some of the videos we made for you. If not, please do check out the Ross High website. There are a couple of new ones including ‘Meet the Teacher’ and a wee message from some of our S6 leavers to you.

Hopefully when you get to S6 this whole Covid situation will only be a memory and we will be able to celebrate your successful 6 years in Ross High. That’s a fair bit in the future though, so let’s get back to focusing on the here and now.

I have thought about you all often in recent weeks and am devastated that I will not get the chance to meet you all before summer. What I can tell you though is that we have certainly not forgotten about you and have plans in place that will allow you all to have a proper S1 induction when you start. We will give each of you a tour of the school and give you a map to help make your way around. I know some of you might be thinking you’ll get lost. Trust me, you’ll be fine. We will have a new one way system in place for August, right around the building, so worst case scenario – just keep walking and you’ll eventually find where you’re looking for 

I have been speaking to your primary HTs lots recently and each of them are raving about you all. They tell me you are an incredible bunch and think you will be amazing at Ross High. I can’t wait to meet you and I know all the staff at Ross feel the same.

I hope you have enjoyed the videos we made for you. I also hope you are as excited as I am about getting into Ross High in August. We’ll send more information as we know more about what exactly is happening in August. In the meantime, I wish you all a great weekend. Have fun!

Please look after yourselves and keep up with the online learning. Only two weeks to go. I wish each and every one of you all the very best.

Mr Reynolds

Phased reopening of schools communication

Dear Parent / Carer,

Following the announcement by the First Minister yesterday about the phased reopening of schools, we know that you will have lots of questions about when and how our children and young people will return to schools across East Lothian.

In her statement, the First Minister reported that teachers and other staff will return to schools during June to prepare classrooms for the new term and a different model of learning. It was announced that schools will reopen from 11 August, however, to allow appropriate physical distancing, children would return to a blended model of part-time in-school and part-time at-home learning. I would highlight that 11 August is earlier than our planned date of 19 August for pupils to return to school after the summer holidays.

In East Lothian, our Education Service is considering the implications of this announcement and has already started to plan for the reopening of schools and early learning and childcare settings in August as outlined by the First Minister.  We are reflecting on the yesterday’s announcement and are awaiting guidance from the National Education Recovery Group next week which will help us determine and confirm more specific details of the arrangements which will be shared with you as soon as we can.

It was also announced that, where possible, there would be transition support for children going into primary 1 or moving from primary 7 to secondary school. In East Lothian, our schools already provide a range of transition opportunities and these have continued during the lockdown period with many schools providing distance creative and innovative transition activities. In the coming weeks, we will also consider those children who may benefit from further transition support.

During June and over the summer, we will continue to provide emergency childcare provision for the children of key workers and we will be in contact with parents and carers about the arrangements for this in due course.

I would like to thank all parents, carers, children and young people for their patience and understanding as we work through a very complex situation. I know this has been a difficult and uncertain time and we are committed to sharing further information with you as soon as we can.

Kind regards,


 Lesley R. Brown  | Chief Operating Officer (Education) – Education & Children’s Services|