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Halloween disco consent slips

Please return the completed consent slip to the school office no later than Monday 10th October

Also If you’ve got any Halloween costumes that your child has outgrown, we would very much welcome any donations. Simply hand them to the school office ahead of the October holidays.

School Pay and ordering lunches


REMINDER- all lunch choices must be completed at home by 09.30am to ensure your child has the meal they chose. If this does not happen your child will not get a choice. If you are having issues with ordering or accessing the system, please contact the school office as a matter of urgency.

Nursery Drop in – Stay and Play Sessions

Dear Parents/Careers,

 As you may be aware  from our resent newsletter Sanderson’ s Wynd Nursery were hoping to open their doors for all parents and carers to drop in to our stay and play sessions taken place on the 7th October (Monday/Tuesday Cohort) and 14th October (Wednesday/Thursday Cohort) 10.30am-11.30am.

 With children starting with us throughout August and September it has taken some children longer than ours to setting into the nursery environment. In order for us to provide the best transition period for all our children we would like to move our stay and play sessions to the beginning of November.

 New Stay and Play Session dates:

Friday – 4th November (Monday/Tuesday Cohort ) 10.30am-11.30am

 Friday – 11th November (Wednesday/Thursday Cohort) 10.30am-11.30am

 During these sessions you will get the opportunity to look round the nursery/ play with your child and see their Learning Stories to date. 

 Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you all in the nursery very soon. 

Kind Regards 

Danielle Sackree

Early Years Centre Manager

East Lothian Council 

Childsmile Visit

On Monday 14th of November we will be welcoming the team from Childsmile who are coming in to see children across the school from the nursery up to and including P4.


The team will be in school the 14th , 15ht, 16th 17th and finally 21st if you are aware of any commitments your child may have that may interfere with the visit please let your child’s teacher know asap.



October 2022 Nursery Attendance

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you know Sanderson’s Wynd Nursery is open during the October week from Monday 17 – Friday 21 October 2022, when the schools are closed. During this time, your child will be able to attend on their usual days, either Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday plus the allocated Friday sessions.

Please use the link below to confirm your child’s nursery attendance during the October week by Wednesday 28 September 2022.  If you are not using all the sessions you should complete the October absence section selecting the days your child will not attend. You should consider this carefully as you may not be able to change sessions after this date.

You may have already informed us that your child will not attend when the schools are closed. However we have had a number of parents/carers requesting that children now attend, as they have settled into the nursery routine or other commitments change.  Therefore, we request that you follow the link below to confirm you will not use any of the sessions or that you would now wish you child to attend.

During the October week, normal attendance protocols are in place and you should report any absence.  You should note that you will be contacted by a member of staff if your child is expected to attend and you have not reported the absence.

Kind regards

Early Learning and Childcare Placements

Resources and People Services, East Lothian Council, John Muir House, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3HA


is your wee one a budding entrepreneur ??

It’s that time of the year again when as a school we see if we have any budding future Entrepreneurs.

The primary 6 and primary 7 classes have been given some funds to set up a business and hopefully turn a profit. In previous years we have made enough to support the kids to have their leavers hoodies and pay towards end of year celebrations.

This year we have been lucky enough to have some to offer some very eclectic products and treats suitable for everyone across the school .  all children will be issued with a yellow form over this coming week ,  ((see below))that explains what is on off and what the cost is.


Once we have finalised orders on the 28th we will order accordingly to make items for each individual child. As I am sure you will all understand we are subject to the same issues with delays in postage/ supply’s as all businesses are.

We hope to commence delivery of items mid-October however depending on what has been ordered this may not occur until late October / early November. All orders / delivery’s will be staggered and not all children in the same class/ sibling groups may not receive their orders on the same day or week.

Placing your child’s order – please ensure you have completed the corresponding classes products each class group has a different section on the form in ascending order (starting with P6 at the bottom ) ensuring your child’s name in on each section.

Please ensure you keep a note of what your child has ordered and ensure all payments are made in an clearly marked envelope with your child’s name.  

if your child has any known allergies we ask you keep this in mind when ordering , if this is something that changes between ordering and delivering and we can no longer fulfil the order will be in touch and give your child a full refund.



Parents Portal Link & Troubleshooting Guide

Link to Parents Portal:

“Now live: Parents Portal, a new way for parents to access information on their children, interact with their schools and easily access other school services.  Parents can now access the Portal by using the same myaccount login (which is used for SchoolPay) to update parent and child details, report absences, access SchoolPay, apply for free travel for 5 – 11 year olds and much more.  Over time, more services will be available.  For more information on how parents can log into the Parents Portal and “link” to their children, go to: .

When accessing the Portal for the first time, users are shown how to “link” to their children.  Sometimes this is not successful on the first try.  As a way to help any users who are having problems linking to their children, there is an attached guide detailing most of the common problems and how to resolve these.  As a quick reference, please check these steps as common reasons for not being able to link:

For parents details not matching, check the following:

  • Parents forename field and surname fields don’t match. For example, the use of nicknames, middle names, initials, titles. Please make sure the name on your myaccount is the same as what is in the school records.
  • Myaccount has been registered in the name of the child, not the parent. Please ensure the myaccount is registered in the parent’s name.
  • Address doesn’t match. Please ensure your myaccount address is the same as what is in the school records. If it is different, it needs to be updated.
  • Address data doesn’t match as it has been formatted differently. Please update your address in Myaccount by entering the postcode and select the address from the list. If you manually enter your address it may not match what is held in the school records.
  • Home address has been given a name but as it’s not registered the address doesn’t match. For example, you have entered Rose Cottage, High Street but the registered address is 12 High Street in the school data. Please check to make sure the myaccount data matches the school records.

For child details not matching, check the following:

  • Check you’ve used their correct forename and not a nickname. For example, Christopher/Chris or Alexandra/Alex.
  • The forename field SHOULD also include any middle names
  • Be careful entering the date of birth – if that’s wrong, it won’t link
  • Make sure you’re entering their address details correctly. Please enter the postcode and select the address from the list.

If you are still having problems linking with your child(ren), please raise a helpdesk ticket with our helpdesk team.  To do this go to the “Help” section at the foot of the following Parents Portal login page:

parentsportal Link Child Failure Parent Guide

How to get free bus travel for your child