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Baking Bread

As part of our class topic ‘Planet Food’, we  have been learning about many of the everyday products that are made from wheat. Pupils followed the stages of the grain chain (farming, harvesting, milling, baking) and watched video clips of real farmers and millers at work. The children were amazed at how many loaves of bread are turned out every day in the factory. We then made our own bread rolls. Our classroom became a mini bread factory for the day and with so much dough, we ended up with lots and lots of rolls. The whole corridor smelled of freshly baked bread. They were delicious, and were definitely given the thumbs up by the class. Yum! Yum!

Making Pizzas at Dominos

P4T had a great morning making Pizzas at Dominos Pizza Take-away, in Musselburgh. They were shown how to knead and stretch the dough before adding tomato sauce and their chosen topping. A favourite moment, apart from eating their pizzas, was flipping the pizza dough in the air! Fortunately nobody’s ended up on the floor!

Back Pack at Co-op raises £370.08

P4T would like to thank Mr Woods, manager of Tranent Co-operative, for allowing us to do a bag pack on Sat 27th Sep, to raise money (to pay for a coach) for an educational trip to the Hirsel Estate, Berwickshire. The co-op is involved with this farm in a  ‘Farm to Fork’ project to help children to learn where their food comes from. The pupils had great fun packing people’s shopping bags and they did a great job too.  On Monday, the children spent almost an hour counting out 6 collecting buckets of money. Thank you to Tranent public for their generous donations in our buckets which raised a staggering £370.08!

P4T make fans for the Hub pupils

Mrs Cockburn visited P4T and taught us how to sign lots of words to help us communicate with the Hub children. We enjoyed trying signalong, and have a booklet in the classroom with pictures of these signs to help us remember them. Mrs Cockburn also showed us objects of reference which the pupils can see or feel to let them know what they will be doing next in their day. She asked us to help by making fans. This object of reference can be used to wave against a pupil’s cheek to feel like wind. This will let Hub children know that they will be going outside. P4T were happy to take on this challenge, and as you can see from the photo, the class made very colourful fans which are now being used in the Hub.