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Update on School Opening- Monday 6th December

The current weather forecast indicates that we should be able to open the school to pupils on Monday 6th December.

Access to school grounds is limited. Please use the front entrance only for entering the school until further notice. Staff will man the gate to allow access. Do not bring cars on to Sanderson’s Wynd as this will make difficult conditions even more hazardous.

We will attempt to provide lunches but this will depend on deliveries getting through. It would be helpful to provide your child with a packed lunch.

Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather. (We do not have spare clothes or drying facilities!).

If you can spare some time to help us clear some of the paths contact the school office on 01875 610275 or come along with your shovel. We will provide the coffee!

Thank you.

Primary 2P

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the snow! If you are looking for something to do, why not try and build a snow house for a small toy animal like we did on our forest schools trip last week.? You could take a photograph of it and email it to me at . I will add it to our new class blog.
I look forward to seeing you all back on Monday!
Don’t forget to practice your songs for the Wriggly Nativity!



I hope you are enjoying your snow days!

If you would like some activities to keep you busy then have a look at the list below.

* NASA kids website – It has lots of space activities.

* Topmarks is a great website.  Look out for time, weight and numeracy games.

This is also a brilliant opportunity for you to work on your BIG BOOK topic.  I am really looking forward to reading them.  I am very pleased with the hard work that has gone into them so far.

Keep warm, keep safe!

Miss Boyle and Mrs Totten

P1 and P2- Keep Practising Songs for Nativity!

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a great extra holiday and keeping warm.
P1 and 2 .. If you’re looking for something to do .. Please keep practising our songs and words for the Nativity. We won’t have so much time to get it ready, now. Also, the recording company are coming on Wednesday to make our CD!
Hope to see you all soon.
Mrs Hawthorn


Here are some idea for things to do at home while we are all off school because of the snow.

You can continue with your times table squares and play some of the maths games on

Instead of your Space log you could write a Snow log.  Tell us how the snow has affected your life and what sort of things you have been doing.  Some drawings or pictures would be good too.

Also have a look at the websites posted for P7 and the Space activities.

Rights Respecting Schools

SWPS are going to be working towards being a Rights Respecting  School

unicef logo

Children are being taught  that they have rights and everyone has the responsibility to respect the rights of others. Through a variety of activities children throughout the school will learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The initiative was piloted in schools in Hampshire. There was evidence that children became more tolerant and respectful towards adults and each other. Children became aware of ‘whole world’ issues, such as Fair Trade, and the effect these had on children’s lives every where. Teachers noticed increased motivation and improvement in work quality, a calmer atmosphere and improved communication skills.

Some of the upper classes last term took part in ‘A Right Blether’ that was led by Tam Baillie, Scotland’s commissioner for children and young people. They found out about individual rights at home, at school, in the community and in their country. They followed this up recently with a vote on a variety of issues. The results of which will be sent to Tam Baillie, where he will listen to and act upon what the children of Scotland have to say.


Hope you are all keeping safe but still enjoying the snow. Here are some ideas of things you can do at home.

1.Play battleships- work on your co-ordinates.

2. Give yourself an imaginary  budget of £400. Can you go online and see if you could afford skis, goggles, boots and an outfit to wear on the slopes ? They must be new. Write down what website you found them on, what make they are and what price. Who can have the most change ?

3. Use the snow to practise tricky spelling words

4. Research Japanese homes. What are the similarities and differences to ours? Comment back on the blog. look at

5.Look at different types of leaflets. Write down different features of leaflets so we can make one of our own.

6.  A collective noun is the name for a group of somethinge.g., a swarm of bees. Make a list of 10 collective nouns.

Miss Welsh:)

School E-magazine

Our E-magazine group will meet on Monday after school.  Please remember to bring your letters back.

Hopefully we will have some good ideas for our first issue but remember to have a look at any magazines you have in the house for ideas on our layout or features that we could include.

Miss Dunn

P7 Space Activities

Here are a couple of activities P7 can do based on our Space topic.

You can find the information you will need on

You can also try to look at the stars (If it ever stops snowing long enough!!).  Winter nights can be the best time to look at the constellations.  See if you can see the “Plough” or “Orion”.  You might be lucky enough to spot a satellite orbiting the earth!

Miss Dunn