Introduction to Building Resilience

Building Resilience

Resilience is a key factor in protecting and promoting good mental health. This whole-school programme aims to look at ten different things that can help support children to develop resilience.
The programme will run over a three-year period. Each theme is introduced with a launch assembly and the key messages are followed up in class activities and at follow-up assemblies. A parent and carer information leaflet will be provided for each theme.

The Building Resilience programme is made up of twelve units. Each term, a new unit will become the focus. The units focus on Skipper’s ten different tools and resources. Each unit has three key messages which are delivered through assemblies, using short stories and film clips to illustrate learning.

How you can help:

Each theme has a ‘Talk It Over’ section to encourage you to share some of your life’s learning with your child. There is also a related ‘Home Activity’ to support learning at home.

For further information please contact the school.


Building Resilience – Sciennes Primary School

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