School Picture day 2

Just a wee reminder  Primary 3 to Primary 6 , Colm, Keith and the remaining nursery children will be having  school pictures taken tomorrow. (PE classes will be going ahead a planned)  We still have a supply of good quality school uniform for children to wear if anyone needs it.

sibling pictures will take place in a drop in session later in September.

School Picture day

We are super pleased to confirm that we have Tempest coming in on Tuesday 29th August & Thursday 31st August to do individual pictures for everyone in the school.

To ensure everyone can have the best pictures have have split the school into 2 sessions..

Tuesday 29th Aug 

  • Primary 1
  • Primary 2
  • Fidra Class (HUB)
  • May (HUB)
  • Green room (HUB)
  • Primary 7
  • Nursery 

Thursday 31st Aug

  • Primary 3
  • Primary 3/4
  • Primary 4
  • Primary 5
  • Primary 5/6
  • Primary 6
  • Keith (HUB)
  • Colm(HUB)
  • nursery/ missed Tuesday 

Sibling / family pictures will take place in a separate session in September


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