Olympic Sports Day: Opening Ceremony

Father and son (Mr Walker and Brody P5T) played bagpipes and drums, to kick start our Olympic Sports with a rousing  march. In our opening ceremony, they led P1-7 and Hub pupils around our playing fields. Each class represented a country taking part in the 2012 Olympics and the pupils came dressed in sports clothes in the colour of their flag.

It was a very lively and colourful start to an enjoyable and relaxed family day. The pupils experienced a wide range of competitive sports, including the paralympic sport, Boccia.

We stopped for a picnic lunch with our families, before finishing off the day with our closing ceremony  to award medals to the three best athletes in each class.

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P6/7 Dig in the Woods…

P6/7 worked extremely hard in the name of conservation today – digging ditches. Supported by Richard English, Mrs Misselbrook and Mrs Hodge the class didn’t hesitate when faced with the challenge. Spades and shovels at the ready they made huge their own personal stamp on conservation in East Lothian. 
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Maths Week 14th -18th May

Number Crunching ‘Zero Hero’ flew into Sanderson’s Wynd for the launch of our Maths Week. We heard some amazing number facts and were challenged to find some more. The best will win a wee prize!

Zero Hero gave each class a shape and an envelope with their secret number. It will be interesting to find out what the nursery and P1-P7 classes do and learn about with these numbers and shapes.

Parents are invited to our Maths Week open day on Friday morning. Come along and learn something new in maths!

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Atlas work

As part of our John Muir Award we used an atlas to find out all the places he visited in his many travels. He visited every continent except Antartica. In our groups we identified the places and we plotted them on a world map on the wall. We were impressed by how far he had travelled. We thought this was particularly amazing because he lived between 1838 and 1914 and it was hard to travel places back then compared to now!

Life Cycles

As part of our John Muir Award we have been finding out about life cyles. We have caterpilars in the classroom that started no bigger than a few millimetres lomg and grew quickly to a few centimetres long. They have now all turned in to chrysalis and we can’t wait to see the butterflies when they emerge!!

Litter Pick up




On Friday 27th April, P2/3 and P5T joined in with the whole school litter pick, and they managed to pick up two full bin bags full of rubbish from the school gardens and playground.

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