A Scroll appears in P4T….

A lot of activity has been happening in P4T as the children took up the challenge from The Keeper of the Keys to make and replace the lost keys. The next morning a cupboard had appeared in our classroom and inside we found another scroll and poem! Our next task was to write a label for each key to say what it opens, and place our keys inside the cupboard. What will the Keeper of Keys leave next?

The adventure started with a poem from The Keeper of The Keys……

A flash, a bang, a sizzle, a crack!

Everything‘s bright, then suddenly black.

No time to think, it happened so fast.

The castles are gone! A spell was cast.

I turned around and looked to see

A label was left- but where was the key?

I instantly knew that something was wrong!

I need your help. This spell is too strong.

Without our castles, it’s all so tragic!

Without the key there is no magic!

Only young minds like yours will do,

Work together to think it through.

Take the challenge, it’s up to you.

Unlock the spell- the key’s the clue!


The Keeper of the Keys


Lesley Nicholson, the active schools coordinator, has contacted the school with information on this course. On the back of this Lesley is hoping to be able to deliver more FREE football after school/evening football classes supported by Active Schools, EL Sports Development and Hearts FC.

Please promote this course to any parents that might be interested.The closing date for the course is 29th Jan, apologies for the quick turnaround time.

Alan White, a parent at Windygoul PS, Community Manager for Hearts FC and an employee of the SFA for 10 years has kindly offered to run this training for free for interested parents and football coaches based in the Tranent Cluster with the intention to use the skills they learn to volunteer in the Tranent  area.

Alan has been heavily involved in the SFA coach education programme throughout the years and has an SFA Advanced Children’s Licence and Youth Licence Diploma.

Active Schools are delivering free training in partnership with Hearts FC, the SFA and Sports Development for any
enthusiastic parents and football coaches in the Tranent Cluster


The SFA Early Touches Certificated Course will take place over two week nights:

Thurs. 3rd and 10th February 2011 from 6pm-9pm

at Windygoul Primary School

(both dates must be attended)

If you are interested in attending the SFA Early Touches training and becoming a volunteer coach in the Tranent Cluster please register for the course by contacting:

Lesley Nicholson – Active Schools Coordinator

Email lnicholson@elcschool.org.uk Tel. 07976 378 469

Fairy Tales and Castles gone missing….

Today, pupils in school began the term in a challenging and unusual way. They were greeted with the news that all the fairy tales written and castles built had disappeared… With a variety of clues, such as giant jigsaw pieces, dragon footprints to follow, keys to place and the occasional owl, they set about beginning to solve the mysteries.
Primaries 1 to 3 have been set the task of recreating their favourite fairy tales, and primaries 4 to 7 have been issued with the challenge of building their own fantasy castles.
With so many unanswered questions and curious clues to unravel, all pupils in the school, from the Hub to Primary 7 will be spending the next few weeks working together to solve these great mysteries…

Tuesday 11th January 2011

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 11th January for the start of the new term and a new year.

We will be accessing the school through the playground and not through the front door, so please assemble in the playground in lines for the start of the school day. Pupils will be dismissed at their normal times through the doors in the playground.

P3’s Raise Funds for Forest schools

P3P and P3J organised a craft afternoon and made Xmas cards, Xmas wreaths, Calenders, Bookmarks and Wood Cookie Tree Decorations and sold these items to raise funds  for Forest Schools.They also baked Xmas biscuits to sell and organised “Guess the number of sweets in the jar”. Pupils sold items to parents after the Xmas concert and then to classes around the school. They raised a total of £!95.67p to be used for Forest School Education. They worked extremely hard and were thrilled with the results of their Enterprise. P3p are looking forward to attending Forest School in January. Thank you to all those who bought items and supported their Enterprise. Below are some photos of pupils making and selling items.         







S. Wynd 2011 Calendar

The 2011 school calendars are selling well. A self portrait of each child at S. Wynd has been placed under their birthday month.They make a good Christmas stocking filler or New Year present, so if you are still stuck for something to give granny and grandad, or an aunt or uncle , there are still some calendars left for sale at school. £4 each or 3 for £10.


 On Tuesday, the whole school enjoyed the wonderful pantomime, Aladdin. There was lots of singing, jokes and funny happenings! The children and teachers all joined in with all the fun and laughter.  The pantomime was kindly subsidised by the Parent Council, who also treated everybody to an ice-cream! Thank you from all at Sanderson’s Wynd!    

P4 Christmas Party

Here are P4T and P4K classes looking really smart and Christmassy dressed up in their party gear. The party was loud and fun and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Look at the post below to see the fun we had with one of the party games.

A Path to the Future