Accelerated Reader

Pupils in Primary 3 to Primary 7 will be taking part in the Accelerated Reader programme this year.  Accelerated Reader is a computer based programme that we are using to monitor pupils’ individual daily reading practice. It caters for personalisation and choice as pupils themselves select and read books appropriate to their levels. It also provides challenge and progression as pupils who read regularly will see their reading levels rise as the year progresses.

You can access your child’s reading information through A.R. Home Connect by clicking on this link:

After you enter your child’s username and password (listed in the purple AR Reaading Log) you will be able to :

  • view your child’s A.R. quiz results
  • see the number of books read and the number of words read
  • browse a virtual bookshelf that contains books read by your child
  • sign up (optionally) to receive updates on your child’s most recent quiz results by email

Additionally, your child can bring in books from home or the local library to read as part of AR if they are appropriate to your child’s Z.P.D. level (written in the purple A.R. Reading Log). To search for a book on Accelerated Reader go to . This site will also provide information on book levels.

You can find out more about Accelerated Reader here.






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