Unit 1: Be Resilient


On Friday 21st August 2020, our pupils were introduced to Skipper and learned about his journey through the river of life. They learned that Skipper was not born with an innate ability to deal with difficulties. He had to learn new skills to be able to support himself through challenging times.

See below for the Launch Assembly:

Unit 1: Be Resilient – Launch Assembly

Over the course of this term, pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their own journey and the journey of others along their river of life, with particular focus being placed on times where they have had to show resilience and persevere through a tricky situation.

Key messages for this unit:

  • Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life
  • We can learn to be more resilient
  • Resilient people cope better with difficulties

Key Text: Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss

Building Resilience

A Path to the Future