Sensational Snowmen

Following on from the snowmen we made yesterday and a piece of writing we did this morning, today we painted close-up portraits of snowmen. We talked about the shapes that we can see in a 2D snowman. We used black oil pastels to draw and then painted in using white, primary colours and orange. We used cotton buds to print our snowflakes.

In class we have been talking about ‘wow’ words this week.  We use ‘wow’ words to make our writing more interesting. Today we thought of some ‘wow’ words to describe our snowmen. Some of our ideas were: excellent, fabulous, fantastic and super. Can you think of any others to describe the snowmen and post them to our blog in the comment area below ?

Nativity Information:

Letters have gone home this week containing information about what clothes to bring for Nativity costumes. Can any remaining clothes please be sent in for our dress rehearsal on Monday? The Nativity performances will take place on Tuesday, December 14th at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. Pupils have worked really hard with extra rehearsals this week due to school closures last week. They have been asked to practice their songs and lines (if they have any) over the weekend please.

Mrs. Pearce

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  1. p5w says:

    P2p we came to see your snowmen and we love them. Some WOW words we came up with to describe them are:

    WELL DONE!!!

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