Learning about Houses and Homes

Now that I am becoming more confident with using Word Press, hopefully you will see more whole class blog entries. My goal is that next term children will be able to add their own words to the blog themselves.

With that goal in mind today we have written our first blog entry together as a class. We talked with our partners to remember all the things we have learned during our topic. Read on below to see some of what we’ve learned.

 I have learned how to make a model house. -Ross and Zoe

I have learned about an architect called Hundertwasser. -Arron

I liked making Hundertwasser pictures. He used a lot of bright colours. His art is amazing. -Emma

I liked the terrace of Hundertwasser houses that we made. Terraced houses are four, five, six, seven and any other number of houses attached together. -Sam W.

I have learned what builders wear for safety, like helmets and yellow jackets. -Sam M.

I have learned about the wolf’s side of the story in The Three Little Pigs. I wrote an excellent story!  Nathan D.

I liked building houses out of Lego. Lego is stronger than straw and sticks. -Alex

I liked making a house out of straw. I made it strong with plasticine. – Scarlett

I learned how to make really strong houses out of Lego, but it wasn’t easy. -Callum 

I liked building stick houses during our Forest School because it was fun. We used leaves and a wee bit of hard stick. -Euan

I liked making stick houses yesterday because it never got blown away by the hair dryer and the piggy was cosy and warm inside. -Nathan G.

I liked making Hundertwasser houses. We coloured them in with oil pastels. You can design them any way you want.-Kira

I liked making stick houses because it was fun putting the sticks together. -Curtis

I liked wrapping the straw with pipe cleaners to make it strong so the house would not fall down. -Adam

I live in a detached house. Other kinds of houses are semi-detached and terraced. -Jason

Well done to all the boys and girls who have worked so hard this term!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I look forward to seeing you all back in the New Year!

Mrs Pearce

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