P2P take Jack and the Beanstalk to New Heights

As a fitting end to our fun-filled  Jack and the Beanstalk storyline we made a whole class ebook for the mysterious Keeper of the Stories to replace the story of Jack that had gone missing from the Land of Fairy Tales. We had practised using interesting words in our own stories and found it really easy to think up lots of interesting words together as a whole class. We thought our story was so good that we should sell it as an ebook on Amazon. Mr Bird worked with us to choose a suitable title and an eye-catching cover. He kindly helped us put our book, Jack and the Giant, on Amazon and Smashwords.

You can find it on Amazon here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jack-And-The-Giant/dp/B004NNVWIE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1298397264&sr=8-1 and on Smashwords here http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41570. Thanks for all your help and support, Mr. Bird!

It is very easy to download a free Kindle app for your PC off Amazon. (If I can do it literally anyone can!)

You can also read a very worthwhile review of our book on The Drowning Machine here http://drowningmachine.blogspot.com/2011/02/review-jack-and-giant-by-p2p.html .

Proceeds from our book will go to a children’s charity which we will choose on Friday this week when we are learning more about children’s rights.

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16 Responses to P2P take Jack and the Beanstalk to New Heights

  1. Steven Wray says:


    Thank you for sharing this
    Steven Wray

    • P2P says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, Mr Wray! We talked about your word–outstanding–and we agree that it is a fantastic wow word to add to our list!

  2. nigel bird says:

    Here’s a message I picked up from the Amazon board. I replied and hope the lady will get back in touch. Here it is:

    I bought the book at Smashwords so I could download the epub format for my kid’s literati and my kindle at the same time 🙂 I checked out the school link, I wanted to click the page to let them know they had a visitor from Pensacola, FL. but didn’t see a place to do that. My 6 year old will love hearing their story, she is working on writing in school too. This will be a good example of use of descriptive words for her! Best wishes to these school children on their project!

    How very exciting.

    • Karla Pearce says:

      Thank you, Mr Bird. If you hear from the visitor from Pensacola again, maybe we could send her a message or email to find out if her daughter liked our book. It might be nice to make a link with a class in Florida.

      • Cara Wilbur says:

        Hello Amazing Authors!
        My 6 year old daughter Lindsey loved your book! She is 6 years old and is in kindergarten. Her class is working on writing too. Her teacher is also encouraging the class to use descriptive words to make the story more interesting. We picked out a lot of good examples of this in your book. We especially liked the “sizzling sausages” and “sparkly, shiny golden egg.” You did a wonderful job with your retelling of this story. It was much better than the original 🙂 Good luck on your future works!
        Cara and Lindsey Wilbur
        Pensacola, FL. USA

        • P2P says:

          Hi Cara and Lindsey,

          Thank you for giving us your email address. We are happy that you have bought our book and that you liked it and that you looked through it.
          We have a few questions for you. What is it like in your country? What is your school like? Do you like the pictures on our blog? Have you ever seen an alligator up close or behind a cage? Have you been to Disneyland?
          Do you have any questions about our country that you would like to ask?
          Please write back to us.

          Best wishes from P2P in Scotland

  3. Suzanne says:

    Bravo! You’ve done excellent work!

    • P2P says:

      Thank you for your comment. We have been talking about warm fuzzies in class. Your words gave us all a big warm fuzzy feeling!

  4. Hallo.
    I am so imporessed by all the wonderful work you have done in your Storyline project. I can’t wait to get home and read your story which is waiting for me on my Kindle!
    Please let us know how much money you raise for charity.

    • P2P says:

      Thank you for your comment! We’re really happy that you bought our story. Did you like it? Today we chose Save the Children as the charity that we want to give our money to and so far we have sold 20 copies of our book!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Got my copy of Jack and the beanstalk yesterdayand am looking forward to reading it with my own children tonight, keep up the good work. Don’t forget your wellies and warm clothes for Monday as we are starting our block of Forest School.

  6. The Keeper Of The Stories says:

    What a brillian job children.
    I’m so very, very proud of you.
    You saved my home and I’m back in Storyland. No more meatballs, YIPPEE!

  7. Zoe Walker says:

    Well done everyone! I got my copy of your book this morning and I am very impressed with your story and artwork. I plan to show everybody at the school I work at on Monday 🙂

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  10. Willie Wit says:

    I have just bought your book – i think it is a brilliant idea to do this .
    You should all feel very proud to have made some money for a charity doing this .
    I will tell all my friends to buy it too , every little bit will help .
    Fantastic !

    love from willie wit , x

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