This Week in P2P

This has been a busy week in our classroom. We have begun the second part of our Jack and the Beanstalk topic, GROWING, which focuses less on the characters and more on the beanstalk.

Our Garden Centre role play area is still under construction, but nearly finished now. We democratically chose the name Plants R Us and have begun making signs to advertise our business to the school and the playground.

The tallest of our magic beans reached 59 cm this week.  After reading a story about a girl called Jody who planted her beans in a wigwam, we decided to do the same. We read the instructions as a whole class and then transplanted our beans into grow bags and made a wigwam support for them. Jody pinched her beans to make them grow fuller, so we have done the same to ours.

We also decided what other types of vegetables we would like to grow during our topic. We made a list and then voted for one each. We tallied our votes and made a bar graph using lego to show the results. We also painted pictures of our vegetables and used them to make a pictograph display.

We are exploring how to write an account of a trip by using time connectives. We have been writing a whole class account of our Botanic Gardens trip for the upcoming school newsletter.

On top of all of this, we have been surprised and delighted by all the wonderful comments left on the blog this week. We have sold 20 copies of our e-book, Jack and the Giant. Today we decided as a class that we would like to donate our profits to Save the Children, so that they can help more poor children like Jack.

Have a look at some of the images of our week:

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