Our Learning This Week

Jack and the Giant e-book
We have now sold 76 copies of our own e-book, with all profits going to support the important work of Save the Children. In class this morning we posted on the Amazon thread to say thanks to everyone who has bought the book and to encourage others to do so. http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/kindle/forum/ref=cm_cd_search_res_ti?_encoding=UTF8&cdMsgNo=1&cdPage=1&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=Tx1XG4Q8I7VMFYY&cdMsgID=MxIEA82887F1BO#MxIEA82887F1BO We would also like to thank some wonderful people who have helped us publicize our book. Many thanks to Nigel Bird, Steven Wray,  Hilery Williams and most recently, to author Stephen Leather, who has given our US sales a huge boost, and has kindly offered to match our US profits for today and tomorrow.

World Book Day

As yesterday was World Book Day, we have been thinking how to celebrate books. Some ideas we came up with are:

We can sell books that we don’t read any longer. Nathan D. and Tyler

We can have a wee book party. Sam M. and Euan

We could swap books. Sam M We could take our favourite book in and show everybody (maybe even the whole school). Rebecca and Zoe

Watch this space as our ideas start to take shape over the next two weeks.

Plants R Us Garden Centre

Primary 2P have been working hard this week to get their garden centre ready for opening. We have completed our banner and made (mostly!) healthy menus for our cafe. We have been planting pumpkin and broad bean seeds this week with the idea that they will be ready to sell at our Spring Fling on the 26th of March.

Forest Schools

Half of the class enjoyed a Forest Schools trip with Mrs Wilson-Beales this week. For more information on what they did please have a look here https://www.edubuzz.org/sandersonswyndforestschool/ . They will have two more trips and then the other half of the class will have their turn. Those of us not on the Forest School trips are working on our orienteering skills in the school grounds and locally.


We are using these trips, as well as our mini-orienteering trips, as a stimulus to writing an account. After our trips last week we worked in pairs to write some fabulous accounts using writing frames. This followed a whole class account about our Botanics trip that we wrote for the school newsletter. Next week we will write individually using a writing frame to help make it easier. We are working on using time connectives to sequence our accounts and adding detail to make our writing interesting.

Van Gogh

In art we have been learning about Van Gogh for the last two weeks. Today we began chalk pastel drawings of his famous sunflowers which we will complete on Monday.

Please have  a look at some of our images from the week:

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