What we have learned

Today we have been thinking about what we have learned during this very busy half of the term. These are the favourite things we have learned:

I have learned how to plant different kinds of seeds. Sam M

I have learned that our worm topic is so fun because I learned that worms are slippery and slimy. Sam W.

I learned how to do aerobics. Connie

I learned how to do yoga. It makes you feel relaxed. Emma

I have learned how to do line dancing and it was fun! Kira

I have learned about when we were making paintings like Van  Gogh’s. My sunflower petals were pointy. Nathan D.

I liked learning about Van Gogh’s art because I liked the way he did the paintings. My favourite one was the one that’s in Dr. Who (Starry Night).  Rebecca

I learned about making about making Easter cards–how to make my chick’s beak move. Aimee

I learned how to bake cakes and how to use a candle to melt chocolate. Jason

I learned how to make a worm out of tights. A worm has a saddle and that’s where the baby comes from when the saddle falls off the worm. Alex

I learned about making paintings like Van Gogh’s. I used oil pastels and chalk pastels. Aidan

I learned to draw a worm in the right shape. Then I put describing words on it to make a shape poem. Callum

I learned about making sunflowers. They grow from seeds and they need water and light.  Scarlett

I have learned about worms. I found two worms outside in the school garden. Arron

I have learned how to sing and echo song with our music teacher. Tyler

I have learned how to grow a seed because we did a little play about it.  My role was to water the seed. Euan

I have learned about how to find worms. In my garden there’s a worm under a bit of bark. There’s a black bit underneath and some white tree roots. Molly

I have learned about planting pumpkin seeds.  My pumpkin plant is growing.  I’m going to plant it in my garden. Adam

I learned about planting potatoes. You put it in the ground and put soil on top. Zoe



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