Happy New Year


We are very pleased to welcome you all to our new nursery website. Look out for news, activities, recommendations, questions of the day and more. It is now possible for you to comment on some of our posts so please remember to look out for the comment icon. If you would like to share your news on the website please contact us.

Snowy Day

Snowy days are great fun!!

Can you make a snowman? (think about what you could use for the eyes? What shape would you like the nose to be? Would your snowman like to wear a hat?

Can you lie down in the snow and make a snow angel?

Can you follow footprints? Where will the footprints take you?!

Can you find a stick and mark make in the snow. I wrote a special message, my favourite number and drew some shapes. What marks can you make?

How does the snow feel?
what colour is it?
Does snow have a smell?

These are just some ideas of the great learning that can take place while outside in the snow.

Please share your snowy day photos with bhippe@edubuzz.org or lmartin2@edubuzz.org.
We would love to see your learning on this fantastic snowy day.

Have fun ☃️☃️☃️☃️

Penguin drawing

Izmay really enjoyed listening to Mrs MacArthur reading the story “Lost and Found”. Izmay has drawn a beautiful picture of a penguin. She even tried really hard to write her name. Great learning Izmay.

Izmay has her very own penguin at home called “Gordon”. Aww he looks lovely and very cuddly!

Nursery Challenge

We have recently been thinking about which season it is and some of the signs we might see when it is winter.  One of the signs we have been noticing is that lots of ice has been forming in many different places, here are some of the places we have found it :

  • Mrs Hippe has found it on the inside of her car windows.
  • Mrs Wilson has found it on her car, in pots and containers in her garden
  • Mrs Flockhart has found it in her flower tubs and can see it on top of her shed
  • Mrs MacArthur found the water in their bird bath frozen
  • Mrs Blair has found it in her garden pond
  • Mrs Martin has found it on her car window

Have you found any ice anywhere?

Today’s Challenge is:

  • find out how ice is made
  • make your own ice  – inside or outside
  • find out what happens when it melts – can you predict how long it will take
  • what could you do to make ice melt quicker

Let us know how you get on.

For an extra challenge click on the link below to try out a scavenger hunt from the  Woodland Trust .

Winter Wonderland Hunt