Under, In, On, Behind, Beside…..

A couple of weeks before the schools closed we were looking at prepositions with the children.  We were learning to use language such as under, in, on, in front of, behind, beside and in-between when describing where things or people were.

The animals from Animal Tales have been cheeky again and have been hiding in lots of rooms in Mrs Martin’s house. They have even been in my garden!!! Can you find them all and describe where they are? Remember to use words such as under, behind, in-between, on.
Where is George ?
        Where is Martin?                                                 Where is Saffron?
            Where is Terry?                                                     Where is Mabel ?
 Where is Katie?
If you look really carefully I think the animals have invited a new friend into my house, who has not been in the Nursery Tales stories. Can you think really hard and work out who the new animal is?