Learning at Nursery

Health and Wellbeing                       

  • learning about friendship  and emotions
  • developing the ability to share, take turns and be patient
  • thinking and talking about rules that we need in nursery
  • continue learning signalong, the signs for this fortnight will be waiting and gentle


  • listening to stories, texts and other media 
  • looking at books independently
  • learning about the different parts of a book
  • opportunities for mark making and explaining what the writing means

Numeracy and Mathematics

  • continue learning to recognise and identify name cards
  • matching and sorting
  • recognition of numbers
  • sequencing numerals

As a result of the children’s interests we will have:

  •  a continuation of our McDonald’s Drive Thru (Wed/Thurs)
  • a variety of resources linked to dinosaurs and volcanoes
  • interactive Autumn display
  • discussions about different types of weather

Songs we are singing

Books we are going to be reading and looking at:







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