Snowy Day

Snowy days are great fun!!

Can you make a snowman? (think about what you could use for the eyes? What shape would you like the nose to be? Would your snowman like to wear a hat?

Can you lie down in the snow and make a snow angel?

Can you follow footprints? Where will the footprints take you?!

Can you find a stick and mark make in the snow. I wrote a special message, my favourite number and drew some shapes. What marks can you make?

How does the snow feel?
what colour is it?
Does snow have a smell?

These are just some ideas of the great learning that can take place while outside in the snow.

Please share your snowy day photos with or
We would love to see your learning on this fantastic snowy day.

Have fun ☃️☃️☃️☃️

6 thoughts on “Snowy Day

  1. Izmay says snow feels cold, it is white and smells like silly shoes??! Hehe. We attempted a snow angel, have built a snowman and helped the neighbours with their igloo. We may head out later to do some writing and footprint exploration. We love your snowman and shapes.

  2. Amazing Izmay. What a busy day you have had. Hope you have had lots and lots of fun! ☃️

  3. Ivy and her big sister were sledging straight after breakfast this morning! Ivy found a stick that she used as a brake for the sledge and to help her back up the hill. We’ve made three snowman so far and Ivy found it tough leaving our first one behind as we built it where we’d been sledging.

    She also enjoyed making snow angels on our driveway and on lots of lovely, fresh, powdery snow that she found!

  4. Mila said that snow makes her feel happy, it is white and doesn’t have a smell.
    We have been outside this morning and built a snowman. Mila picked out a scarf, a carrot for its nose and found some stones from our drive for the eyes. Mila likes the snowman you have made😁

  5. Your sledging sounds great fun Ivy! What a great idea using a stick as a brake – well done! 3 snowmen?! Wow! You have been busy! Do you have a photo of them?

  6. Snow makes me happy too Mila! Well unless I need to drive far! Do you have a photo of your snowman? Great thinking using stones from your drive. Well done Mila.

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