Mango and rhubarb tasting

Our question of the week was

Have you tried mango before?

There was a mix of some children who had and some who had not. We decided to buy some mango to let the children have a taste.

We then found some rhubarb in our nursery garden. We stewed the rhubarb and then made a rhubarb crumble to try at snack time.

It was great hearing the childrens voice whether they liked or disliked the fruits. By the look of some of their faces in these photos you could guess what they thought!

8 thoughts on “Mango and rhubarb tasting

  1. Amelie loved the mango! She has asked me to buy some to eat at home. She said she has also been trying pineapple. She made it into a game where I had to guess what she’d tried at nursery (it’s something yellow was my clue – I did not get it 😂).

    • Aww that’s great Amelie asked for mango at home too. Sounds like a great wee game – well done Amelie!

  2. So lovely to hear about mango and rhubarb tasting and see pictures! We hadn’t been told anything about it… 😆

    • Sometimes its like pulling teeth with them….”how was your day?” “Good” “what did you do today?” “I had fun” “what did you have for snack today?” “Food” “what kind though?” “Something I cant remember”.

      The best task is the forensic scan of the clothes to determine what they have been up to…. “did you paint a picture today?” “No I didn’t” hmmm “The paint on your uniform says otherwise”

      • Thanks for your comment Theresa – it really made me laugh! It’s so true – hopefully the website gives you more of an insight of what has been going on in nursery.

  3. This is fab…Harry never mentioned trying mango but his face in the photo is brilliant …his Dad and I have had a right giggle looking at it.

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