Hello Everyone

We have had a great start to the new term, and are pleased  to give a warm welcome to the new children and their families who are joining our nursery.

We have had a busy summer continuing to develop our nursery and our kitchen has had a facelift. Staff and children are excited about the areas we are currently developing inside the nursery and in our garden. Watch this space for photos and updates.

Over the summer and the last couple of weeks we have been reaping the rewards of  ‘The Vegetable Garden ‘ which we first started to develop back in March. With hard work from both children and staff  we have successfully grown  a number of vegetables and fruits.

It started with a few recycled pallets in the corner of the garden, Mrs MacArthur and her drill, and the children’s enthusiasm. The transformation is amazing, and we now have a space where the children are growing, learning about, and being responsible for looking after their own vegetables and fruits. The best part is they can then harvest their own produce, tasting what they grow. The appearance of tomatoes and courgettes has caused  much excitement and interest, and the spinach has proven to be an unexpected favourite of the children! Once the vegetables started to grow the children started to think about what they wanted to call the area. Some of the suggestions were ” The Chicken Farm “,    ” The Rosie Garden ” , ” The Unicorn Garden ” , ” The Resting Place ” ,  ” The Vegetable Garden ” ,and  ” The Butterfly Garden “. We decided to put all the suggestions in a bag and the name we pulled out was The Vegetable Garden.

Follow the transformation in the photographs below:


The Build

The Planting


The Harvest

” I’m good at digging” – Connolly

As the children pulled out veg

” it’s hard ”  – Amelie

“it’s tricky ”  – Amelia

” it’s a carrot” – Callum

” it doesn’t have a root ….it’s got a long bit, actually I didn’t need to wriggle it, it was loose ” – Odi

Discovering carrots

” we found a carrot ” – Arahbella

” I have got a carrot there’s more in there. I’m collecting carrots.”  – Charlie

” they weren’t ready, we wanted to get them, now they are ready ” – Connolly,

” I find the carrots in the middle ” – Amelia


The Tasting

Thumbs up for the tomatoes.

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  1. Amelie said she had been harvesting the carrots and radishes. She was quite excited about it and seems to have enjoyed playing restaurants this week 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this journey with the children. I loved seeing their excitement and enthusiasm from the build to the harvest! Next year we need to grow giant PUMPKINS!

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