Question of the day ????

In nursery we have been learning about different parts of the day. Children’s voice is very important to us at St.Mary’s. We recently asked some of the children if they liked the dark. Here are some of their responses:

No but my sister does. I have a mushroom light on. I’m scared of monsters.

I like the dark. I like riding my bike at night – it has a light.

No Violet doesn’t like the dark!

Yes because its dark at Christmas and Santa comes to say hi!

No! I hear stomping sounds in the night!

I like going out in the dark because I get to use a torch.

Don’t like the dark it makes me scared.

George P
No I like the morning

I like to go out in the dark at night time. You might see a wolf!

George H
I like the dark because its dark!

I go out in the dark to see my Nana.

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