Exploring Sense of Smell


In nursery we have been exploring our senses. Today we investigated the smell and texture of lemons and limes in water. The children squeezed the juice out, observing the colour of the juice, and the smell it created. We moved on to explore more scents. Peppermint teabags was a firm favourite. We thought mixed herbs smelled like pizza and ginger smelled like cake. We mixed all our scents together to create a smelly sensory soup.



9 thoughts on “Exploring Sense of Smell

    • Ill need to think of something with a stronger scent and flavour for Amelie. She did say she couldnt smell anything.

      • Oh no, that’s a worry in these times 😱 however she did tell me I smelled like I’d been on a run when I got home from work so I’m hoping she’s ok 😂

    • Lots of lovely smells to experience all around us all the time. I love the scent of a real christmas tree.

  1. At lunch time we had lemon in our water. Almost eveyone had a taste. It was a thumbs up. I think we may try cucumber in our water tomorrow. You could try this at home also.

    • Oh Amelie loves lemon in her water. She requests this when we are out, especially at Dobbies! She calls it melon in her water. Haven’t tried cucumber in water but since she also loves cucumber this is a good idea! 🥒

  2. Oooh this looks like so much fun! I asked luca about it and all he said was “yes, I was playing that” 🤣

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