Toothbrushing Time

The children are now getting into the routine of brushing their teeth at nursery each morning. When they hear the maracas they know it is time to wash their hands and come and sit at the table to begin. The children help to count out the right number of blobs of toothpaste and when it is their turn they take their toothbrush out of the holder and hold it ready.  Ask your child how they know which toothbrush is theirs. When everyone has got their brush they scoop up their toothpaste and get brushing.

6 thoughts on “Toothbrushing Time

  1. “My brush is green and has an elephant on it. Arahbella’s is red and a horse. Ivie’s is red and a rabbit. Mila’s is blue and a snake. Connally’s is green and a turtle. Evanina’s is yellow and a swallow. Kane has got an orange toothbrush and it has a swan. Odi has orange and a fox.”

    Wow. My daughter seems to know all the brushes 😂 Little busy body 😂

  2. Luca said his toothbrush is a green turtle one. Toothbrushing can be a real challenge at home! I’m so grateful he has the opportunity to learn and do it at nursery as well! Any tips on getting him to actually brush his teeth would be very welcome! 🙈

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