Winter Birds

Over the next few weeks we are learning about birds in winter. The children have been using binoculars to look for birds in the nursery garden.

We will be thinking about how birds get food in the winter, how birds keep warm and learning body parts of a bird and what they are called.

Look at our bird area ready for the children to explore 🐦

Let us know which birds you spot at home.

12 thoughts on “Winter Birds

  1. Aw brilliant! Luca and I love feeding the birds and watching them at home! We have lots of blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, tree sparrows, blackbirds and our favourite just now is the great spotted woodpecker that’s been coming to eat the peanuts! We named it woody!

    • That is great to hear Luca loves to feed the birds. What an amazing amounts of different birds you see, I often hear woodpeckers when I am walking my dogs but I have yet to see one, frequent visitors to my garden are blue tits, hedge sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons and a robin.

  2. I like watching the birds in my garden , there is a little robin who visits regularly and hops right up to my window ledge. I call him Robbie Robin!

  3. I have a big pigeon that likes to land on my bird feeder…he is so big the bird feeder post nearly toppled over. My little dog Sam always barks at the back door when he sees him and then he flies away!🤦‍♀️

  4. We live outside Haddington and the variety of birds we see is amazing! I love the little yellowhammers as well. We also have long tailed tits occasionally and bull finches. We will take part in the great British bird watch again this year as well and see how many birds we can see.

  5. Amelie has come home and told me all about how we need to look after the birds in winter because of the ground being so hard. But she says it’s good for the worms though as they don’t get eaten. She said we have to get a bird feeder. We don’t get many birds in our garden and I’d love to encourage more so we might just do that. Every time we’ve tried to make bird cakes to feed the birds they haven’t worked, although I’m told by a reliable source that gelatine is my answer, so we will give that a try over the weekend. 🐦

    • Let us know how you get on making bird feeders, some of the children were making fat balls for the birds today. I have posted a link on website for the RSPB website which has lots of great information, also posted a link for making a recycled bird feeder too. A favourite of mine is covering a pine cone in lard and then rolling it in bird seed mix to hang up on tree, it normally works well.

  6. Looks great! We love watching the birds in our garden. We had wood pigeons nesting last year and they had two chicks then another two once the first ones had left the nest!

    • Aww amazing Jennifer. That must have been so fascinating to watch. Thanks for sharing.

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