Volcano Experiment

Some of the children spoke about the recent volcanic eruption in Tonga and used the computer to find out information, they then created their own volcano with the help of Mrs Braid.

What do you think will happen when you add the ingredients to your model?

EliΒ  “explode”

Callum ” we are going to make lava ”

Amelia ” it’s gonna explode, lava going to come out exploding ”

Emma ”Β  going to be lava from the ground ”

When the children’s volcano exploded

Joelle ” it’s like blood, exploding too, it’s like soda, people drink it ”

Connolly ” we made it “

2 thoughts on “Volcano Experiment

  1. This is amazing! I was gonna do this with Luca in the next few weeks because he keeps talking about lava! πŸŒ‹ I bet all the children loved this experiment! 😁

  2. That is brilliant! Amelie also keeps asking about lava being under the ground and asking if you dig deep down, will there be lava.

    Iava (Amelie typed this word πŸ˜€)

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