Lunch at the Dinner Hall

The children have been giving a thumbs up to having lunch at the dinner hall.

Callum – ” I think it’s got a lot of seats ”

Agam – ” I like to go for lunch to the place to eat, it’s a big place ”

Joelle – ” I did have lots of seats and strawberry and watermelon ”

Amelia – ” Good because I like bringing a pack I like whats inside it ”

George ” I liked the seats because they were all blue ………. roast beef is good ”

Ivanina ” I like it ”

Fraser ” like lunch in dinner hall”

Mila – ” it’s good because its so beautiful ”

Connolly – ” it’s two thumbs up I love this place ”

Emma ” I like it ”


3 thoughts on “Lunch at the Dinner Hall

  1. Amelie was excited to bring a packed lunch like her brother! Except for the day Daddy forgot it 🤦🏼‍♀️

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