Bird Watching

The children are making great use of the bird hide that was created in the garden.

George ” these binoculars are perfect , I need to get a little bit closer to them . My daddy puts apple out for the birds and seeds ”

Callum  ” these are good binoculars  I can see lots of birds ”

Amelie ” I see loads of birds in my garden…. sometimes I give them bread, I throw it in my back garden and the birds come down to eat it ”

Connolly using binoculars ” I’m looking up at the sky… I can hear some. I see bigger one’s now. actually ….I like a magpie ”

Arabella ” they’re all the same…think there’s about 4! I’m going to stay all. night”


RSPB Big Garden Bird Count

The RSPB will be running their annual Big Garden Bird Count  between the 28th and 30th January, if you want to find out all about the event and to register for it click on the link bellow:


The RSPB websites is great source of information as well as lots of ideas about how we can help look after wildlife. Click on the link below to find out about one of their many activities you can do:

Mrs Braid and some of the children were busy this afternoon making their own fat balls to hang up in the nursery garden and earlier in the week some of the children began creating a bird hide in the garden with Mrs Wilson and Mrs Anthoney

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