Garden Party

The Garden Party in the last week of the school term was a great success. The nursery would like to say a big thank you to Odi’s Dad Michael who put on a great live performance on both days.


The Power of Wheels

One of the children’s favourite activities outdoors is using one of our wheeled toys particularly the balance bike and the red pedal tricycles. Due to their high demand there is a lot of negotiation that happens between the children. Some are expert turn takers now  and for those who are still learning they are supported by staff and other children through the use of the waiting station and timers. Here are some of them in action.


Sensory Play

Luca – ” It’s slimy ”

Harrison – ” It’s soft ”

Freddie – ” It feels like milk ”

Eli – ” soft, it looks slimy, its runny then hard ”

Lori – ” it’s hard ”

The children have been busy using their senses to explore the gluck. If you want to experiment with this amazing material at home all you need is cornflour with water to mix in.