Ice Cream in the Sun

Last weeks question was “do you like ice-cream?”. Lots of children answered yes so we decided to set up an ice-cream stall in the nursery garden. Our stall was very busy and we had lots of customers.

Here is what some children told us:

“I would like to eat 10 ice-creams” Melissa

“Yummy” Hobbes

“I’m a chocolate monster” Niamh

“I’ve got a mixture of all of it” Lois

People Who Help Us

In recent weeks we have been learning all about people who help us, Mr Hogg our janitor came and spoke to us about what he does and we watched a great video that one of our mum’s made telling us about what happens at the vets. An interest in vets has taken off and we have created our own practice in the nursery.

Unpacking our New Resources


The children have been really enjoying using props to retell familiar stories.

Acting out The Three Little Pigs

Trip Trap Trip Trap

Whose trip trapping over my bridge??

Retelling The Three Little Pigs

Retelling The Three Little Pigs

Keeping Busy